Registration Benefits for Cisco Service Contract Owners

Your Cisco Service Contract entitles you to a wide variety of information and services within The level of access that is available, is based upon the specific type of agreement that you have with Cisco. All specified user types on this page have at least customer level access and benefits. You can use your Cisco Service Contract number to become registered for access if you are a:

Direct End User with one of the following agreements:

Cisco Sales Partner with the following agreement:

Cisco Partner-Sponsored End User with one of the following agreements:

  • Reseller Service Agreement (RSA)
  • Distributor Service Agreement (DSA)
  • OEM Service Agreement (OSA)

If you would like to establish a direct service contract with Cisco (or believe you have an agreement, but you are not sure of your service contract number) please contact Cisco Customer Service at or call (800) 553-NETS (Direct (408) 526-7208).

If you are a customer of a Cisco Sales Partner, please contact your Partner to establish a PICA account number.