Registration Benefits for Cisco Partner Initiated Customer Access (PICA) Customers

All registered Cisco PICA Customers receive access to the following services via

The Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Web Site, complete with industry-leading technical assistance tools that help solve problems online. For the more common technical assistance issues, customers can bypass the phone queues and shortcut resolution time by going directly to the TAC Web Site. Here customers will be directed to online knowledge bases, tools, and software.

  • Knowledge bases include pages for products, technologies, solutions, and current top issues in each of the technologies.
  • Online tools at the TAC Web Site are varied and numerous, including the Cisco Feature Navigator, Hardware/Software Compatibility Matrix, Software Bug Toolkit, and the Troubleshooting Assistant.

Depending on the user profiles the PICA Administrators create for their customers, users may also have access to any or all of the following Internet Commerce services via

  • Configuration Tool: providing users means to search for configurable Cisco products, create product configurations online, and forward the configurations via e-mail or fax.
  • Lead Times Tool: giving users the means to see product lead times.
  • Pricing Tool: enabling users to check the current retail price list to determine the estimated cost for items they wish to purchase.