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Cisco has acquired Ubiquisys

Cisco has acquired Ubiquisys

Acquisition Further Strengthens Cisco's Mobility Strategy to Enable More Intelligent Mobile Internet Networks for Service Providers

On May 24, 2013 Cisco completed the acquisition of Ubiquisys, a privatey held company headquartered in Swindon, UK. Prior to the acquisition, Ubiquisys was a leader in intelligent 3G and LTE small cells providing seamless connectivity across mobile, heterogeneous networks for service providers.

As carriers across the world increase cellular data capacity to serve the rapidly growing population of smartphone and tablet users, adding small cells is one of the most cost-effective ways to multiply data capacity and make better use of spectrum assets. Ubiquisys' indoor small cells expertise coupled with Cisco's mobility portfolio and its Wi-Fi expertise, will enable a comprehensive small cell solution to service providers that supports the transition to next generation radio access networks.

This acquisition exemplifies Cisco's innovation framework and supports Cisco's five foundational priorities to lead the market in networking across all customer segments. The acquisition is well-aligned to Cisco's goals of developing and delivering innovative network and software technologies.

Q: What did Cisco acquire?
A: Cisco has acquired Ubiquisys, a privately-held company headquartered in Swindon, UK and a leader in intelligent 3G and LTE small cells with products deployed by operators worldwide. The Ubiquisys team has extensive software experience in developing intelligent small cell solutions to meet the growing capacity demands of mobile carrier networks.
Q: Why Ubiquisys?
A: With Ubiquisys, Cisco is continuing to expand its mobility portfolio with indoor small cells across radio networks. Building on the recent acquisitions of Intucell and Broadhop (part of Cisco Quantum mobility software suite), Ubiquisys will deliver intelligent solutions to our service provider customers that allow them to efficiently scale and optimize the spectrum of their networks. Ubiquisys' technology will further bolster Cisco's mobility solutions by adding dynamic intelligence at the end of the network via small cells providing mobile users with a more reliable voice and data experience. Together these technologies tie the mobility architecture that leverages the intelligence of the network from the wireless edge of the network into the wired core.

Cisco customers should contact their Cisco account representative for sales related questions.

Active Ubiquisys service agreements have been migrated to Cisco service agreements and integrated into our renewals management processes, as well as our support tools and processes.

For more information on the newly integrated services portfolio, and how to open a service support case, visit the Services and Support for Ubiquisys.


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Together, Cisco and Ubiquisys will offer a differentiated connected experience to the end-user by providing mobility service providers with a comprehensive solution that extends an intelligence layer across the mobile network.