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Cisco Completes MaintenanceNet Acquisition

Cisco Completes MaintenanceNet Acquisition

Improving the renewal experience for Cisco's customers and partners.

SAN JOSE, Calif. —On August 6, 2015 Cisco completed the acquisition of MaintenanceNet, a privately-held company headquartered in Carlsbad, CA. MaintenanceNet provides a cloud-based software platform that uses data analytics and automation to manage and scale attach and renewals of recurring customer contracts.

Cisco and MaintenanceNet have worked together since 2009, and MaintenanceNet's capabilities have been leveraged by Cisco and our partners for attach and renewal motions. By aligning this capability and MaintenanceNet's employees with Cisco, we can tap into MaintenanceNet's deep experience in revenue generation software to further develop and improve the renewals experience for Cisco's customers and partners.

MaintenanceNet's offering portfolio and team will be integrated into the Global Customer Success (GCS) organization. This acquisition is a critical component of our strategy for GCS to simplify and digitize our business processes.

Acquisitions and investments remain a key part of Cisco's build, buy, partner, and integrate strategy. Services are a critical component of Cisco's five priorities and imperative to the company's overall strategy to be the number one IT company.

Q: What is Cisco Impact?
A: Cisco Impact is partner success platform that simplifies and digitizes the end-to-end customer engagement model. A rebranding and expansion of the Cisco Partner Annuity Initiative (CPAI) and the MaintenanceNet technology offering, Cisco Impact further emphasizes our commitment to both our partner and our customer's experience.
Q: What capabilities and assets is Cisco acquiring?
A: MaintenanceNet provides a cloud-based software platform that enables us to attach & renew recurring customer contracts, especially for the low dollar, high volume portion of our base. The MaintenanceNet cloud-based platform is used by Cisco to automatically identify customers with service contracts coming up for renewal, are overdue, or have products that are not yet covered. Based on the parameters defined by the partner, Cisco creates the quote or notification for the partner. Quotes are sent to the partner in a pre-validated, ready-to-order email. The partner confirms with their customer, and the new contract is created. This enables Cisco and partners to streamline the renewals process and more efficiently manage and renew customer contracts ultimately delivering a simpler renewals experience for Cisco customers and partners.
Q: Why did Cisco choose MaintenanceNet?
A: Cisco has been working with MaintenanceNet since 2009. By acquiring MaintenanceNet, we will be able to further scale the work we've been doing with our partner community and apply these capabilities more broadly to help reduce costs through the automation the MaintenanceNet software provides and drive increased revenue for both us and our partners.
Q: What will change for Cisco customers?
A: As this is a capability we are already using, we do not expect any immediate changes for our customers. In the longer term we hope to continue to apply this capability to our customer and partner renewals — delivering a simplified and seamless purchasing experience through automation, that also helps ensure continuous and prompt support coverage.

MaintenanceNet Customers:
If you are an existing customer of MaintenanceNet and have questions about the MaintenanceNet process and technology, please continue to contact your existing MaintenanceNet sales representative.

Cisco Customers:
If you are an existing customer or partner of Cisco and have questions about your product or services, please continue to contact your existing Cisco sales representative.

MaintenanceNet customers should continue to use the existing process for support on installed MaintenanceNet technology. Cisco will notify you in advance of any change to the support process.

Cisco customers should continue to use the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for technical support on Cisco products. For more information about opening a technical support case and for regional TAC telephone numbers, refer to Cisco Worldwide Support Contacts.


Improving Ease of Doing Business with Cisco

This acquisition is an example of how Cisco is simplifying our business processes, aggressively seeking operational efficiencies, and making it easier to do business with Cisco by simplifying the purchasing experience through automation and ensure continuous support coverage.