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Cisco Completes the Acquisition of JouleX

Cisco Completes the Acquisition of JouleX

JouleX's energy management solution provides businesses the ability to measure, monitor, and manage their network's energy usage.

Cisco has completed the integration of JouleX, a leading innovator in energy management solutions that provides organizations the ability to see, measure, and manage their IT energy use for all network-connected devices and systems across the enterprise, including distributed offices and data centers. On November 20, 2013, the Cisco EnergyWise Suite (formerly JouleX Energy Manager Solutions) became orderable on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL).

Q: How does this acquisition align to Cisco's five priorities?
A: This acquisition exemplifies Cisco's innovation framework and supports Cisco's five foundational priorities by enhancing our service offering across all customer segments and advancing our business and technology architecture. The JouleX acquisition is aligned to Cisco's goals of developing and delivering innovative energy management solutions that streamline data and work flow across a unified network.
Q: How will the JouleX technology further support customer solutions already in place, such as EnergyWise?
A: JouleX's technology has been compatible with the EnergyWise ecosystem since 2011. It allows Cisco to enable partners and customers greater reach into the IP network to monitor energy costs, help optimize energy consumption and increase data center efficiency and capacity.
Q: The cloud-based energy management systems space is a relatively new market. Why is this particular market a key area of focus for Cisco Services?
A: In general, the cost of energy and energy consumption are of increasing importance, globally. Network- based consumption on average comprises 25 percent of an enterprise's energy use, and continues to grow. Therefore, the management of network consumption (or energy) from the cloud is critical.
The chart below outlines the new product names and includes links to the product information on Cisco.com.
Former Product and Service Names New Cisco Product and Service Names
JouleX Energy Manager Solutions Cisco EnergyWise Suite
JouleX Energy Manager

Cisco EnergyWise Management for Data Center

Cisco EnergyWise Management for Distributed Office

Cisco Energy Assessment Service Cisco EnergyWise Discovery Service
Cisco Energy Optimization Service Cisco EnergyWise Optimization Service

Cisco customers should contact their Cisco account representative for sales related questions.

Active JouleX service agreements have been migrated to Cisco software subscription support service agreements and integrated into our renewals management processes, as well as our support tools and processes.

For more information on the newly integrated services portfolio, and how to open a service support case, visit the Services and Support for JouleX.

The Cisco acquisition of JouleX helps Cisco partners resell Cisco EnergyWise services to help your energy-conscious customers control consumption, save money, and boost performance. Customers will see how their energy is used, wasted, and saved. They can then turn savings into network and data center business solutions.

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Better Together

JouleX's solution complements Cisco's Smart Services capabilities, accelerating the delivery of:

  • Software-as-a-Service based Business Architecture
  • Market entry into Data Center Infrastructure Energy Management
  • Future expansion into Internet of Things