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Cisco Has Acquired Inlet Technologies

Cisco Has Acquired Inlet Technologies
Inlet Logo

The final phases of Inlet Technologies' integration into Cisco have been completed. The Inlet Technologies website (inlethd.com) is now retired, and has been integrated into Cisco's Videoscape Solution.

Inlet's two main products, Spinnaker and Armada, can now be ordered through Cisco under new names: Cisco Media Processor and Cisco Transcode Manager, respectively. The chart below outlines the new product names and includes links to the product information on Cisco.com.

Former Inlet Product Names New Cisco Product Names
Spinnaker Family Cisco Media Processor Family
Spinnaker Audio / 80 Cisco AS80 Series Audio Processor
Spinnaker 3005 Cisco AS3005 Series Media Processor
Spinnaker SD / 5000 Cisco AS5100 Series Media Processor
Spinnaker IP / 6000 Cisco AS6000 Series Media Processor
Spinnaker HD / 7100 Cisco AS7100 Series Media Processor
Spinnaker HD-X / 8100 Cisco AS8100 Series Media Processor
Spinnaker Management Console Cisco Media Processor Management Console
Armada Cisco Transcode Manager
Armada Analysis Node Cisco Transcode Manager Analysis Node
Armada Encode Node Cisco Transcode Manager Encode Node
Armada Post-Encode Node Cisco Transcode Manager Post-Encode Node
Armada Server Cisco Transcode Manager Server

Support information can be found on the product pages referenced above.

Please contact your Cisco representative if you need any assistance during this transition.

Cisco Has Acquired Inlet Technologies

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