Network Topology Icons

Cisco icons are globally recognized and generally accepted as standard for network icon topologies. You may use them freely, but you may not alter them.

Icons for printed collateral, Visio, video, and multimedia

wmf icon

Use for Cisco corporate conceptual print-path icons.

B/W: EPS (7.6 MB) | JPG (4 MB)
PMS 3015: EPS (14 MB) | JPG (3 MB)


Icons as Microsoft Visio stencils (.vss)

topology icon

Use in Microsoft Visio.

PMS 3015: ZIP (480 KB)
Black and white: ZIP (480 KB)
PPT color : ZIP (3 MB)


Icons for Microsoft PowerPoint

Use in corporate PowerPoint presentations.

ZIP (17 MB)


Logical (and conceptual) icons as Microsoft Visio stencils

Logical Icons

Use logical stencils for Cisco product icons. Use conceptual stencils for Visio presentation topologies.
Updates ongoing

Visio stencils


All conceptual icons

You can download a printable reference file showing all the conceptual icons. (PDF - 308 KB)