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TL 9000 - Quality Certifications

TL 9000 is a quality standard developed by the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications Forum, better known as the QuEST Forum http://questforum.org. TL 9000 is a globally recognized quality standard and is designed to improve telecommunications or information and communication technologies (ICT) products and services. TL 9000 includes all of the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard, plus additional requirements that focus on customer needs, strategic planning, and accountability. In addition, companies who are certified to TL 9000 must report on a set of standardized metrics for performance, reliability, and delivery, which provide industry-benchmarking capabilities.

The scope of Cisco's TL 9000 certification includes: Design, Development, Manufacturing Operations and Support of Networking Solutions for the following product lines: CRS, ASR 901, ASR 903, ASR 920, ASR 9000, NCS 4000, NCS 6000, NCS 2000, BroadWorks, including IOS-XR, Software and Global Customer Experience Centers - Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in its entirety.

The original certification was completed December 10, 2003, and is updated yearly in December. To better support the needs of our service provider customers, Cisco will continue to expand its TL 9000 certification as needed.

TL 9000 Certificate Adobe PDF file