Security - Annual Report 2005

A New Way - Security
Citizens now go online instead of getting in line when they need to renew a driver’s license, apply for a student loan, or pay a parking fee. Cisco self-defending networks help ensure that the government’s Web-accessible offices stay open, and that the public’s private data stays private. In an emergency, robust network technology keeps vital communications flowing. Highly secure networking makes it possible for governments to reach out to citizens with speedy, people-friendly services they can use and trust. An excavation company shores up its store of data with Cisco network security. Built-in defenses help thwart hackers and viruses, and can even protect against unknown threats. The network verifies the identity of each computer before allowing it to connect. And employees at dig sites gain access to network applications through encrypted pathways, called virtual private network "tunnels," that burrow privately and securely through the public communications system. In-depth data protection safeguards the business and comforts its customers. Speedier services and deeper defenses.
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