Productivity - Annual Report 2005

A New Way - Productivity
A police department relies on a citywide Cisco wireless network to deliver fingerprint files, mug shots, and voicemail to each mobile unit. Officers use the same technology to file their reports from the field, instead of having to return to the station. Broadband video applications can even let them see what’s happening at emergency scenes before they arrive. With the added efficiency the network provides, the officers now have more time to leave their patrol cars and interact personally with the community. A boutique winery opens a virtual tasting room tour that attracts a national clientele using Cisco solutions designed especially for growing businesses. Wine lovers can survey the ripening vineyards through a video link, read about the latest vintage, and order bottles right from the winery’s Website. And every employee—from the cellar master to the office manager—can tap into business applications wirelessly, wherever they are. The forecast: continued growth, and a rich harvest. Safer streets and riper revenues.
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