Customer Satisfaction - Annual Report 2005

A New Way - Customer Satisfaction
A customer calls her bank’s Cisco Internet Protocol (IP)-based contact center, where her account profile immediately appears in front of the call agent. Instead of "What’s your account number?" the customer hears "Let me suggest some options that should suit your needs." Similar personalized services are also available in wireless-equipped bank branches throughout the country. Or the customer can bank from home over a highly secure broadband connection. Brisk service plus convenience plus personal attention equals a lifelong business relationship. An inventive entrepreneur with a can’t-miss product concept rests easy. He knows the law firm he engaged to protect his intellectual property is on the job, tracking his patent applications with specialized software running on a Cisco network. The firm’s Cisco messaging system simplifies communications among lawyers and office staff, even recording billable phone time. The inventor gets updated status reports automatically via e-mail, and he can contact an attorney in a variety of ways. Networking helps ensure his dream never gets put on hold. Breezier banking and confident clients.
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