Shareholder Information - Annual Report 2004



Carol A. Bartz(1) (3) (4)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Autodesk, Inc.

Roderick C. McGeary(2)
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Brience, Inc.
M. Michele Burns(2) (4)
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Restructuring Officer
Mirant Corporation

James C. Morgan(1) (3) (5)
Chairman of the Board
Applied Materials, Inc.
Larry R. Carter(5)
Senior Vice President, Office of the President
Cisco Systems, Inc.

John P. Morgridge(4) (5)
Chairman of the Board
Cisco Systems, Inc.
John T. Chambers(4)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Donald T. Valentine(3) (4) (5) (6)
General Partner
Sequoia Capital
James F. Gibbons, Ph.D.(1) (3) (6)
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Steven M. West(2) (5)
Founder and Partner
Emerging Company Partners
John L. Hennessy, Ph.D.(6)
Stanford University
Jerry Yang(1) (6)
Cofounder, Chief Yahoo! and Director
Yahoo! Inc.

(1) Member of the Compensation and Management Development Committee
(2) Member of the Audit Committee
(3) Member of the Nomination and Governance Committee
(4) Member of the Acquisition Committee
(5) Member of the Investment/Finance Committee
(6) Member of the Technology Committeee

Executive Officers

Larry R. Carter
Senior Vice President, Office of the President

Mario Mazzola
Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer

John T. Chambers
President and Chief Executive Officer

Randy Pond
Senior Vice President, Operations, Systems,and Processes

Mark Chandler
Vice President, Legal Services, General Counsel and Secretary

Dennis D. Powell
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Charles H. Giancarlo
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Betsy Rafael
Vice President, Corporate Controller, and Principal Accounting Officer

Richard J. Justice
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations

James Richardson
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer


Greg Akers
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer for Global Government Solutions and Corporate Strategic Security Programs

Gordon Astles
Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Operations

Joel P. Bion
Senior Vice President, Internet Technologies Division

Larry Birenbaum
Senior Vice President, Ethernet Access Group

Brad Boston
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Susan L. Bostrom
Senior Vice President, Internet Business Solutions Group and Worldwide Government Affairs

Luca Cafiero
Senior Vice President, Data Center, Switching and Wireless Technology Groups

Howard Charney
Senior Vice President, Office of the President

Kate DCamp
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Chris Dedicoat
Senior Vice President, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Sales

Doug Dennerline
Senior Vice President, U.S. Enterprise Sales

Carlos Dominguez
Senior Vice President, Service Provider Operations

Wim Elfrink
Senior Vice President, Customer Advocacy

Prem Jain
Senior Vice President, Routing Technology Group

Robert Lloyd
Senior Vice President, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa Operations

Clifford B. Meltzer
Senior Vice President, Network Management Technology Group

Gary B. Moore
Senior Vice President, Advanced Services

Paul Mountford
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Channels

Joseph Pinto
Senior Vice President, Core Support Services

Carl Redfield
Senior Vice President, Office of the President

Manny Rivelo
Senior Vice President, Field Process, Productivity, and Technical Operations

Daniel Scheinman
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Jayshree Ullal
Senior Vice President, Security Technology Group

Michelangelo Volpi
Senior Vice President, Routing Technology Group


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Investor Relations

For further information about Cisco, additional copies of this report, Form 10-K, or other financial information without charge, contact:

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Transfer Agent and Registrar

EquiServe Trust Company N.A.
P.O. Box 43010
Providence, RI 02940
(800) 254-5194
(781) 575-3120

Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
San Jose, CA

Legal Counsel

Fenwick & West LLP
Mountain View, CA

Notice of Annual Meeting

Santa Clara Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A
5001 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054
November 18, 2004
10 a.m. Pacific Time

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