People, Productivity, and the Network - Large Corporations - Annual Report 2002

Networks are still invisible to most of us, but they are making a visible impact.

Network innovation has unleashed new opportunities to improve productivity. It helps our customers increase efficiencies, reduce costs, deliver new services, and enhance customer satisfaction. The network makes possible communications that are secure, collaborative, and ultimately, more human.

In the following pages, chief information officers, technologists, business executives, educators, visionaries, students, and a Nobel Laureate share how networks are making a positive impact.
"In our work together during the last four years we've established a solid foundation of trust, quality, and positive results for both companies. The creation of business value is part of our everyday collaboration."

José Luis Luna
Chief Information Officer
"Our goal is to expand our presence in the digital economy, combining e-commerce and the Internet to transform the way we interact with customers and new markets."

Dave Kepler
Chief Information Officer
Dow Chemical Company
"To publish and deliver the highest quality business news to a worldwide audience demands the absolute best in network performance and scalability. We have a world-class network in place-and with Cisco we have the right partner to make sure it stays that way."

Bill Godfrey
Chief Technology Officer
Dow Jones & Company
"The Internet is showing people what is possible. Expectations are rising rapidly and e-businesses of all kinds have to get ready because the Internet will present an unprecedented opportunity to gain market share for those who lay the groundwork now."

Philip S. Thompson
Vice President of Business Transformation
and Chief Information Officer
IBM Corporation
"Nasdaq, the world's largest electronic stock market, is only as good as our network, and we have built this network with Cisco technology."

Steve Randich
Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology, and Chief Information Officer
The Nasdaq Stock Market
"As we Web-enable our internal business processes, we have found ways to streamline our business and reallocate those resources to better serve our internal and external customers. Through technology, and with Cisco's help, we have made Office Depot a more compelling place to work, shop, and invest."

Bruce Nelson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Office Depot
"The Internet enables us to get closer to the consumer and to innovate faster and more cost effectively. Today, we test product concepts online, reducing consumer feedback response time by up to 90 percent while reducing our costs by up to 50 percent."

A.G. Lafley
Chairman, Chief Executive and President
The Procter & Gamble Company

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