Networked Home - Annual Report 2007

Left: “My music, my pictures, my way.” (photo: family at home) Right: Nations with the most Internet users (percent of world users): USA 18.0%, China 13.8%, Japan 7.4%, Germany 4.3%, India 3.6% Source, 2007 (chart: Internet user chart)


You are a media mogul. Or a music producer. Or a political pundit. People are not only using the network to bring films, songs, and commentary into their lives, they are also creating Web-accessible multimedia experiences for others. Teenage animators and struggling garage bands receive helpful criticism and encouragement from professionals they’ve admired from afar but never expected to meet. Citizens participate in presidential debates by submitting questions in video. Government officials and agencies engage with citizens one on one. A blog gets 7000 hits a day, and the mainstream media solicits the blogger’s opinions. Watching TV gets personal, with service providers delivering unique experiences, more choices, and personalized features to your set-top box. And your home network becomes your link to the connected life.


(photo: virtual parent-teacher conference)

The virtual network: making a parent/teacher conference more convenient.

(photo: guitar player being recorded on laptop)

When one person can tap the creative energy of the entire planet.

(photo: two women in park image)

Music, video, and photos anytime, anywhere.

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