Virtualization for Cisco Packaged CCE Release 10.5(x)


You can find detailed virtualization information for Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (Packaged CCE) at:

Hardware and VMware Hosting Requirements (top)

* Note: Packaged CCE Release 10.5(3) is required to support UCS C240 M4SX TRC#1 or UCS B200 M4 TRC#1.

For information on the Packaged CCE UCS B Series Fabric Interconnects Validation Tool,  which performs checks on currently deployed UCS B-Series Fabric Interconnect clusters to determine compliance with Packaged CCE requirements, refer to Packaged CCE UCS B-Series Fabric Interconnects Validation Tool. This tool does not test all UCS B-Series requirements.

VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch for UCS-C Series Servers (top)

The illustration below shows the reference design for Packaged CCE deployments on UCS C-Series servers with the VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch.


You must use Port Group override, similar to the configuration for the UCS-B series servers. See the Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide for the UCS-B series configuration.

VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch Design for Cisco UCS B-Series Servers (top)

Use the UCS B-series example configuration as a guideline for configuring the UCS B-series with a VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch.

Cisco Nexus 1000V Design for Cisco UCS B-Series Servers (top)

The figure below shows the Packaged CCE reference design for Nexus 1000V with UCS B-Series servers.


Except for the reference diagram, the requirements and configuration for the Nexus 1000V are the same for Packaged CCE and Unified CCE. For details on using the Nexus 1000V, see Nexus 1000v Support in Unified CCE.