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DevNet Express - All about Cloud Collaboration

30. listopadu 2017


We'd like to invite you to a Cisco DevNet Express event where you can learn, code and get inspired about building useful DevOps workflows with Cisco's Cloud Collaboration platform. Learn how to create applications that automate networking operations, by listening, learning, and then putting it into practice. 

Who is it for?

It's for IT Professionals who have no experience, limited experience or extensive experience of developing using Python.

Why 'DevNet Express'? 

A DevNet Express event lets you listen and learn, and then put it into practice.

Whether it's a virtual or a physical DevNet Express, the principle is the same: you listen and learn from trainers, and then get hands-on with the technology, complete some interactive Missions (with proctors to help you) and get rewarded for your hard work.

Why DevNet?

The Cisco DevNet developer program is the 'go-to' place to find the platforms, tools information, and experiences you need to create and build on Cisco platforms and technologies. From the latest APIs to sandboxes where developers can play and experiment, DevNet has everything you need to explore new ideas in an encouraging, convenient, and secure environment. It's easy to use, comprehensive, and relevant to the challenges you face. DevNet is about developers connecting with other developers, and Cisco technology teams for ideas, inspiration, and support.