We are proud to announce our partnership with Czechitas! In Cisco we believe in diversity, and we agree with the words of Nelson Mandela that education is the most powerful tool to change the world. As a global IT company, we want to support all who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in this area.

Let’s Meet Our Cisco Prague Teams!

Cognitive Intelligence

is a part of Cisco Security, one of the pillars of the Cisco portfolio. We belong to Security Platform and Response (SP&R) organization. We are developing complex systems for cyber threats detection using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

Our teams in Prague consists of about 100 researchers, engineers, and data scientists. We are international team collaborating with many colleagues around the world.

We collaborate with many research institutions and universities in the country and abroad. We contribute to the patent portfolio of Cisco and publish regularly at the international conferences.

Find out more about us here https://cognitive.cisco.com/


is a long-term leader in the observability solutions and real-time application monitoring market.

Powered by Cisco, AppDynamics is on a mission to help companies all around the world - small and large - to overcome digital transformation challenges. In this era of unprecedented digital growth, thanks to the active monitoring, analysis, and optimizations of even the most complex application environments, AppDynamics Business Observability Platform provides connection between the business context and the technology stack. Consequently, AppDynamics customers have always up-to-date insight into the state of their software applications not only from the perspective of software and hardware infrastructure but also through the lens of business metrics focused on monitoring the impact of technology infrastructure performance on the performance of the company’s business.

Our AppDynamics team here in Prague counts about 25 engineers today. We own and evolve some of the core components of the AppDynamics product and as part of the larger international AppDynamics product and engineering organization, we collaborate with our colleagues across the world.

Explore the AppDynamics website for more information here https://www.appdynamics.com/


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