Cisco Tools and Searches to Google Chrome

Notification: Search plugins will be retired in 2016. Find your Cisco content using search.

Follow the instructions below to customize your Google Chrome browser's Omnibox to support tools and searches.

If you are using Internet Explorer or FireFox as your browser, click here for instructions on how to add tools and searches to your browser.

Customizing the Omnibox

  1. Put your cursor in the Omnibox and right-click as shown below.

  2. Create a keyword shortcut for the Cisco tool or search as shown below.
    Note that for the keyword value - you can use any value that's short and easy for you to remember. A complete list of Names, Keywords, and URLs are specified further down in this document.

  3. When finished you'll see your newly created keyword shortcut.

Using your keyword shortcut

  1. Put your cursor in the Omnibox and type the keyword and query text. eg. "clt show config"
  2. As you type you'll see the Omnibox 'context' change to point to your keyword shortcut as shown below. Any additional text you type will get sent to the tool or search url defined in your shortcut.

Names, Keywords, and URLs

Note that the Names and Keywords shown below are provided for your convenience when defining your search engine. You can change the Name and Keyword shortcut verbage to your liking.


Cisco Tools

  • Bug Toolkit
  • Name: Cisco BugID Lookup Tool
  • RMA/Service Order Status Tool
  • Name: Cisco RMA/Service Order Status Tool
  • TAC Service Request Query
  • Name: TAC Service Request Query

Cisco Searches

  • Search Cisco
  • Name: Cisco
  • Search Cisco Brazil
  • Name: Cisco Brazil
  • Search Cisco Japan
  • Name: Cisco Japan
  • Search Cisco Latin America
  • Name: Cisco Latin America
  • Search Cisco Russia
  • Name: Cisco Russia
  • Search Forums, Blogs, and Wikis
  • Name: Search Forums, Blogs, and Wikis
  • Search Software Downloads
  • Name: Cisco Software Downloads


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