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New Models of IT Consumption for Government

Data Generation in Public Sector

Key trends from the IDC InfoBrief IT Consumption report, sponsored by Cisco. (1:14 min)

IT organizations in government are facing a new set of challenges, as the consumption of IT is shifting from the traditional model of acquiring hardware and software and deploying it onsite, to a managed or cloud services model. Applications, content, and services are now being delivered through a cloud.

Cisco is helping public sector organizations architect and use technology to take advantage of both commoditized and enterprise IT. Our network, data center, and collaboration architectures promote efficiencies in existing investments. Whether through a service provider or in-house, Cisco helps organizations navigate changes in IT consumption, and maintain end-user security and service level requirements.

Cisco cloud solutions encompass a breath of products and services that are delivered through an ecosystem of certified partners to help government customers optimize existing IT environments - either within your own data center, a public cloud, and across hybrid environments.

Cisco Services for Cloud Strategy, Management, and Operations help you to quickly and confidently move your organization to the cloud. Reduce costs and get a faster return on your cloud investment. See the full picture of what you're really spending on cloud, and find ways to save money with Cisco Cloud Consumption Services.

The Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network helps enable organizations deploy cloud services and applications faster, with less risk and a higher degree of success, to recognize benefits faster, while reducing the total IT costs.

Cisco security-as-a-service solutions are a cloud-based models for security solutions that help eliminate the cost and hassle of provisioning, managing, and scaling security hardware and software, by offering consistent delivery of the newest security technologies and updates.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS) facilitate the delivery of collaboration services in an "as-a-service" model. HCS solutions make advanced collaboration capabilities accessible while reducing requirements for upfront investments and the need for technical expertise.

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