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Cisco Domain Ten: A Fast IT Roadmap

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Transform into a Fast IT Organization

Cisco Domain Ten is a holistic framework designed to help our customers move IT from current to desired future state. It began as a way to support the journey from data center to cloud. But it provides a consistent approach that applies to change in any topology, any architecture, and any IT initiative.

We use the Cisco Domain Ten framework to help you analyze workflows so you can optimize configurations and provide your customers with faster service.

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The framework includes:

Domain 1: Unified Infrastructure
Three important elements in any compute infrastructure are the servers, the storage, and the network. Together they form the resource layer. Will this be adequate to support growth in the next two or three years?

Domain 2: Abstraction and Virtualization
Virtualization allows a shared resource pool which goes beyond servers; abstracting storage and network resources, you can use your infrastructure more efficiently.

Domain 3: Automation and Orchestration
We can help you replace manual steps with some level of orchestrated automation that improves provisioning workflows.

Domain 4: User Portal
The user portal is a software solution that allows users to place requests for IT resources using web-based access.

Domain 5: Service Catalog
The Service Catalog is a software tool that lets IT define and manage catalogs of orderable IT services. Service Catalog and Financials capabilities are often integrated and available together with the interface.

Domain 6: Financials
This software functionality allows IT to set up and track usage-based billing sometimes referred to as "charge back," "show back," or "billing and usage tracking."

Domain 7: Platform and Data
What makes this domain different from Domain 1 (Unified Infrastructure) is that here we combine additional software elements on top of the infrastructure, commonly referred to as "Platform-as-a-Service" or "PaaS". You can also look at the data generated and used by applications.

Domain 8: Applications and Analytics
Cisco Services can help you understand which applications are best suited for your environment, what the scale of your cloud needs to look like, and how to migrate applications with reduced risk. In this domain, you can use real-time analytics to evaluate the data produced.

Domain 9: Security and Compliance
Security consistently tops the CIO's list of cloud concerns. For IT transformation and cloud to be successful, security is paramount, and you likely will need to address industry or governmental compliance requirements.

Domain 10: Organization, Governance, and Operations
Organizational design is critical to supporting the overall objective of IT transformation. One of the biggest mistakes an IT organization can make is to ignore how operations affect the development and use of cloud infrastructures.

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