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Manage Your Shadow IT Problem

Shadow IT is lurking in your organization. Learn how to play it safe in our next webinar.

Manage Your Shadow IT Problem

Gain Control over Cloud Services and Reduce Risks

As more cloud applications become available, it's easier than ever for employees and business groups to use cloud services without the support or oversight of IT. In fact, we've found that organizations are using up to 20 times more cloud services than IT is aware of. And it's not just you. We've seen this shadow IT challenge across all industries and all company sizes.

Cisco Cloud Consumption Services help you discover what cloud services you're using and protect your organization by reducing cloud risks and costs. You'll gain a broad view of your organization's cloud usage, helping you to better meet the needs of your internal clients and predict future cloud needs. You'll also establish strong cloud governance processes, improve onboarding and oversight of cloud service providers, and better align cloud services with the needs of your business.

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With Cloud Consumption Services, you can:

  • Reduce cloud security, privacy, and compliance risks and protect your brand and intellectual property
  • Deliver cloud services faster to meet line-of-business needs
  • Simplify cloud management with the right people, process, and tools
  • Reduce your cloud costs up to 15 percent by consolidating cloud services.
  • Improve service performance by foreseeing infrastructure impact

Cisco offers different Cloud Consumption service options to meet the needs of large and mid-sized organizations. Our customers are already seeing great results:

  • See how a global auto manufacturer established cloud strategy, management, and governance.
  • Learn how a provincial government identified hidden IT costs and risks.
  • Explore how a global manufacturer defined a cloud strategy and mitigated business risk.
Cloud Consumption as a Service

Cloud Consumption as a Service

Midsize businesses can discover which cloud services are used by their organizations, identify potential risks, and find the right cloud services to meet their needs. (PDF - 1.1 MB)

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For Partners and Providers
Cloud Consumption Assessment Service

Cloud Consumption Assessment

This onetime professional services assessment reveals what cloud services are being used in a large organization and provides actionable strategies to mitigate risks and costs. (PDF - 740 KB)

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Cloud Consumption Optimization Service

Cloud Consumption Optimization

Annual services subscription helps large organizations govern cloud services from end to end, implement risk and cost-savings strategies, and continually monitor cloud usage. (PDF - 738 KB)

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