The Advanced Data Center Storage Networking Specialization (DCSN) recognizes partners for their knowledge and expertise in selling, designing, installing, and managing comprehensive storage networking solutions. Partners can become specialized in this area regardless of whether they source MDS product from original storage manufacturers (OSM), solution technology integrators (STI), or directly from Cisco.

DCSN Specialization Overview Presentation

DCSN Specialization Overview Video (15 minutes)

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The Advanced DCSN Specialization focuses on all opportunities, providing the benefits of intelligent networking in local initiatives, as well as comprehensive solutions between multiple sites and across geographies.


Achieving an Advanced DCSN Specialization boosts your company's value with prospects and customers by enhancing your ability to deliver comprehensive storage networking solutions. This provides you with a distinct advantage over competitors who may focus only on connectivity and price.

Note: Advanced DCSN and DCNI Specializations are both required for Cisco partners to qualify to sell Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS).

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