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Brand Protection

Know your source. Buy authorized.

Unauthorized resellers and counterfeiters take advantage of Cisco's name, often at the expense of the end user.

Know your source. Buy authorized.


Learn the differences between authorized and non authorized channel, counterfeit, and third-party products and how they can affect you and your customers.

Protect your Business

How to spot common signs of counterfeit and non authorized channel sales and report activities back to Cisco.

Software Licensing, Warranty & Service Support

Learn more about the guidelines and policies of Cisco software licenses, warranties, and support services for used or second-hand equipment sold through the secondary market.

Additional Assistance

For any questions about an unauthorized channel purchase, or that is suspected of being counterfeit, please notify Cisco. Cisco can also help sell against what appears to be secondary or counterfeit products.

Know your source. Buy authorized.

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