Breakout Session Presentations

Cisco C-Scape 2006

Breakout Session Presentations

Thank you for joining us at the Cisco C-Scape Global Forum 2006. We hope you found value in the new format that focused on industry as well as Cisco issues via discussion, debate and dialogue.

If you missed any part of the General Session please access the Webcast link. The General Session presentations will be archived for the next 60 days. You may download all of the presentations presented at C-Scape below. You may download the presentations from Day 2 presented at C-Scape below. Please note, in some sessions, no presentation was used.

Wednesday, December 13 - Breakout Sessions - 10:00am – 11:00 am

Cisco's Software Transformation (PDF - 1.07 MB)
Software is an increasingly important engine of innovation for Cisco, one that complements and extends Cisco's traditional strength in hardware. Customers benefit through new time-to-market, quicker time-to-deployment, more operating flexibility, and lower cost of ownership. This session will provide a deeper look into the transformation happening across Cisco to support new software capabilities and business models. Analysts will gain an appreciation for the scope and character of the investments being made across Cisco.

The Rise of the Empowered Consumer and their Impact on European Strategy (PDF - 1.37 MB)
Europe has a long and proud history of creativity, design, culture and education but with global playing fields being leveled, innovation will be key to its success over the coming years. New market dynamics are pushing Cisco's European operations in fascinating new directions. Europeans are using IT in innovative and exciting ways. Wearing "double hats" business people are using their consumer experience to make new demands on their business infrastructure - a trend which is challenging Cisco's European Leadership team to step up to exciting new opportunities. Come and hear Chris Dedicoat, President, European Markets, talk about how the consumers' demand for personalization and their interaction with technology is impacting his strategy and the growth opportunities that this presents for Cisco and its customers in Europe.

The Emerging Markets Strategy (PDF - 2.39 MB)
Eighteen months ago, Cisco restructured its sales force to create distinct strategies around developed and emerging nations. In that time, Cisco has defined and implemented a three part strategy for its Emerging Markets Theater: Coverage, followed by Replicable Business Models and finally, Country Transformation. In this session you will learn how the strategy is making an impact for customers and driving Cisco growth.

Cisco in Video: A Triple Play Combination (PDF - 812 KB)
Video is emerging as the key application in the triple play of consumer entertainment, communication and online services. Scientific-Atlanta has platforms and technologies that enable scaling to millions of subscribers quickly and easily. Along with Cisco's IP NGN architecture, this offers providers an open platform for differentiation so they can move beyond video to deliver diverse, integrated media services for the digital home.

Smart Business Communications (PDF - 378 KB)
Join Cisco company representatives, Small Medium Businesses, and value-added resellers for an interactive discussion about the business challenges facing SMBs today and how information technology is playing a key role in solving those challenges. The session will discuss which aspects of information technology the SMB views as core to their business and which they consider appropriate for outsourcing to value-added resellers and/or service providers. In addition, the session will explore critical business needs and applications (e.g. CRM) and how VARs are servicing SMBs through applications development and integration, based on Smart Business Communications architecture. This session will also explore future direction for Cisco SMB solutions and services designed to address customer responsiveness and operational efficiency. Participants will also discuss routes to market and how Cisco is working closely with value-added reseller partners and service providers, who are increasingly being asked to provide managed solutions specifically designed for SMBs.

The Future of the Connected Home (PDF - 1.16 MB)
Join Greg Memo, Linksys vice president and general manager, Dave Davies, Scientific Atlanta vice president of marketing, Paul Bosco, Cisco vice president of marketing, and Tarun Loomba, Linksys sr. director of product management, for an interactive discussion about the future of the connected home. As home networks transition from a useful tool to share broadband connectivity to the backbone of the digital home, Cisco is at the forefront of this movement. In this session, Cisco/Linksys/Scientific Atlanta executives will share their vision of the connected home of the future. Presenters will discuss new trends and services that are driving the next generation digital home. Additionally, Cisco/Linksys/Scientific Atlanta executives will discuss some of the new applications that will enhance the communications experience; new applications that will transform the digital entertainment experience; home automation of the future; and the importance of true plug and play functionality.

Wednesday, December 13 - Breakout Sessions - 11:15 am -12:15 pm

Business Unlimited: Redefining Network Service Integration in the Enterprise (PDF - 2.45 MB)
Cisco's Network Systems -- It all starts here! Join Marie Hattar, Cisco's senior director of Network Systems and innovative Cisco customers in an interactive discussion focusing on the key technology role and business impact of Cisco's Network Systems solution -- which includes the strategic direction of routing and switching technologies. Attendees will hear how Cisco's Network Systems solution delivers the best possible user experience through improved service quality and capabilities; drives operational excellence through service integration and consistency; and, most importantly, unleashes the potential of all sizes and types of businesses through heightened networking service value and application. In addition, presenters will outline the forces shaping the future of the network infrastructure -- from a technology and business perspective. Come hear how Cisco's Network Systems meets the needs of today's customers -- and will rise to answer the business challenges of the future.

Cisco TelePresence, Enterprise Video, and Emerging Technologies Strategy (PDF - 1.96 MB)
Marthin De Beer, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, will open the session discussing Cisco's overall Emerging Technologies strategy and the technologies that make up this category. He will discuss Cisco TelePresence as a case study of how the company brings to market an emerging technology.

Mobile Operators: Leveraging Evolving Next Generation Mobile Networks (PDF - 556 KB)
The increasing demand for voice/video/data services -- anytime, anywhere and through any method of access – is accelerating the evolution of mobile networks to an all IP vision. This session will cover the evolution of mobile networks, including the opportunities and challenges of convergence at the network, service, and application layers. Using customer examples, this session will show how the IP NGN is enabling mobile operators to reliably, efficiently, securely and profitably deliver, monitor and control more applications and services.

Strategic Partnerships: Creating Programs and Integrated Technologies That Deliver Real Business Solutions (PDF - 373 KB)
A smart business is one in which business communications are efficient, and available everywhere employees work: at the office, on the road, in a conference room or at home. These business communications – for data, voice and video – provide real-time access to critical information for real-time decision making. The results for such a smart business are improved customer intimacy, employee productivity, communications security and reduction of operating costs. Cisco's Smart Business Communications is the integrated network on which everything runs, seamlessly supporting critical business applications with ubiquitous connectivity allowing maximum use of both IT and human resources.

To address different requirements small, medium, and midsize companies have for technology adoption, Cisco has and continues to form alliances with leading applications developers to tailor solutions to meet these unique requirements. Participants will discuss the Smart Business Communications Architecture and how Cisco and its partners are leveraging this architecture to establish customer preference and differentiate Cisco from its competitors.

The Role of the Network in Addressing the Current and Future Challenges of the Data Center(PDF - 256 KB)
As Data Centers across the globe grow in importance, size, number and complexity, IT organizations are faced with multiple concurrent challenges and options to maximize the delivery of faster and better services to the business. Some of these challenges include:

  • Power and cooling requirements exponential growth
  • The amount of storage doubles or triples every year
  • Application performance is unpredictable and often not adequate to the demand of end-users
  • Business managers are demanding faster response times and better SLAs

There are many options and decisions in effectively addressing these issues and making the right architectural choice from the beginning can make a significant difference in the bottom line results. This session offers an interactive discussion with Cisco and other industry leaders on the role of the network in helping IT address complex challenges today while building the foundation for a more effective and reliable Data Center in the future.

Specific topics for discussion include: intelligent ways to address power and cooling problems, methods to improve application performance within the Data Center and across the WAN, and strategies to architect Data Centers for long term results.

Services Lead Interactions: Leading the Total Customer Experience(PDF - 1.40 MB)
As the network becomes the platform for businesses, customers increasingly demand holistic solutions to address their business issues. As such, services have become more and more critical for successful deployments and a must-have for customers. To meet the growing demands for solutions, Cisco must re-architect its approach with customers and evolve to a Service-led Interaction. To scale the service-led model and help its partners become successful and profitable, Cisco has made a significant investment in enabling its partner base to deliver the services required by customers. This session will explore Cisco's evolved sales approach and highlight how it plans to effectively empower the partner base.

Wednesday, December 13 - Breakout Sessions - 2:00 pm -3:00 pm

Moving from transactions to interactions with an Enterprise IT Architecture(PDF - 952 KB)
Unprecedented levels of enablement of individuals and consumers have set the stage for profound change in the Enterprise. How will these new levels of enablement impact the Enterprise's ability to interact—not just transact? Come explore how an intelligent, converged IT architecture can turn transactions into interactions. Discuss the role of the network in the IT architecture and learn how with an ecosystem it can deliver new secure services, optimize business applications, accelerate productivity and transform the customer experience.

The Next-Generation Branch Office(PDF - 354 KB)
Data-center consolidation and branch office proliferation. Disaggregating application architectures and converging infrastructure technologies. Ever-increasing user expectations for seamless experience of anytime, anywhere connectivity on any device. These are just a few of the challenges that distributed enterprises face in servicing their branch offices with little or no onsite support.
Join Ian Pennell, SVP Access Technology Group; George Kurian, VP/GM, Application Delivery BU; and Mark Monday, VP Product Marketing, ATG for a roundtable discussion of trends in branch office IT.

Linksys One: Connecting Small Businesses (PDF - 506 KB)
Join Richard Platt, Linksys vice president and general manager and Dave Clark, president and CEO for CommPartners, for an interactive discussion on connecting small businesses. With more than 35 million small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, this presents a significant market for Cisco and Linksys. With the market expected to exceed $19 billion by 2010, Linksys believes the key to success in this segment is meeting three key tenets: The right technology mix delivered by a motivated channel and sales structure presenting a compelling value proposition that makes yes the only answer.

In this session, Richard will present the vision for Linksys One which is to be a complete technology system priced for small businesses. Richard will outline several key attributes of the solution and why it's unique for the small business market. In addition, Richard will discuss the go-to-market strategy with Hosted Solutions Providers (HSP).

Additionally, Dave will provide his perspective on the Linksys One solution from a Hosted Solutions Provider point of view. Dave's organization, CommPartners, has deployed the Linksys One service node and has bundled it with other services to deliver end to end technology solutions for small businesses. Dave will share with the audience his view of the small business landscape as well as his perspective on how the Linksys One solution delivers on the promise of a total communications and network system. Dave will outline his go-to-market model and his plans for converged applications and services.

The Evolution of IP Mobility and Outdoor Wireless(PDF - 582 KB)
Please join Alan Cohen, Cisco's Senior Director of Mobility Solutions Marketing, Kevin Dickson, Director of Product Marketing, and representatives from IBM, Joint Ventures Silicon Valley in an interactive discussion about outdoor wireless, its impact on municipalities, how the Silicon Valley Wireless project is establishing a sustainable business model for municipal Wifi, and the role Cisco is playing in creating a platform that allows service providers to profitably deploy municipal Wi-Fi as a managed service. The discussion will cover strategies and business models for municipalities, how outdoor wireless solutions are transforming communities, and how Cisco technologies are making it all possible.

Managed and Hosted Business Services: Enterprises and Providers See Results (No Presentation Available)
Learn how enterprises and managed service providers are seeing business and revenue impacting results through managed and hosted business services offerings and how both are expanding the role of these services in the future. This interactive session will discuss Cisco's ongoing commitment to enabling the delivery and adoption of leading managed services through its technologies and programs.

Technology Avalanche (No Presentation Available)
A technology avalanche is upon us. We are about to see exponential growth in technology and information—which will lead to an accelerated rate of innovation. With storage needs ever expanding, network speeds rapidly increasing, and the end of Moore's Law on the horizon, what does the future hold for technology? What are the technological innovations that will drive change in the next five years? The next 20?

Dave Evans, chief technology officer for Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group—the global consulting arm of Cisco—will offer his perspective on these issues. He'll also share insight into new devices, futuristic applications, and the variety of ways consumers will be able to interact with technology. Throughout the discussion Dave will address the resulting responsibilities incumbent on technologists and users alike as technology further advances our “human network” and way of life.

Wednesday, December 13 - Breakout Sessions - 3:15 pm -4:15 pm

From the Self-Defending Network to Networked Safety & Risk Management(PDF - 5.23 MB)
As the capabilities of IP-based security evolve, it becomes increasingly possible to address personnel safety, border security, and natural disasters in addition to defending network-connected business processes.

Please join Richard Palmer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security; John Stewart, Cisco Chief Security Officer; and a Cisco Master Security partner for a roundtable discussion of opportunities for employing network-based security against “real world” challenges.

Build, Buy or Partner: The Cisco Thought Process (No Presentation Available)
Join three key players behind Cisco's build, buy and partner strategy for an interactive discussion on the decision-making process behind Cisco's approach to innovation and growth. Guido Jouret, vice president and Chief Technology Officer, Emerging Marketing Technology Group, Ned Hooper, vice president, Corporate Business Development, and Steve Steinhilber, vice president, Strategic Alliances and Corporate Consulting Engineering, will discuss how Cisco develops and accelerates its innovation and growth portfolio through internal development, acquisitions and partnerships.

The session will cover how Cisco's strategy continually evolves to most effectively leverage internal development, partnerships and acquisitions to drive growth. The panelists will also share specific examples and results of Cisco's build, buy, partner strategy, how Cisco manages the priorities for build, buy and partner activities and the opportunities and challenges with each approach.

Cisco Unified Communications(PDF - 461 KB)
In the last 12 months, the Unified Communications market has made significant strides forward. IP telephony and IP communications have evolved into Unified Communications solutions that offer benefits that are greater than ever. Instead of simply connecting products, Unified Communications applications integrated within an IP network provide structure and intelligence that helps organizations integrate their communications more closely with business processes, and ensure information reaches recipients quickly, through the most appropriate medium. Unified communications applications not only facilitate productivity improvements for mobile employees, they can also enhance the way in which all employees communicate.

In this session, Rick McConnell, Vice President and General Manager of the Unified Communications Business Unit, Rick Moran, Vice President Solutions Marketing for Unified Communications, and Laurent Philonenko, Vice President and General Manager of the Contact Center Business Unit will show the way that Unified Communications can transform industries today and tomorrow. This session will provide exciting solutions demonstrations and a glimpse in to the future direction for Unified Communications.

Channel Loyalty: What's the benefit to Cisco and our Partners? (No Presentation Available)
This session will provide a look at Cisco's channel program and the importance of partner differentiation and loyalty. The discussion will focus on how Cisco helps its partners to differentiate and succeed.

Cisco IP-NGN: The Journey from Service Provider to Experience Provider and why Cisco's IP NGN Architecture and Aolutions are Gaining Traction(PDF - 303 KB)
The lines between traditional Telco, cable and mobile operator are blurring. As providers worldwide aggressively deploy IP NGNs, what are some of the unique challenges and opportunities they face as they move from delivering services to more integrated experiences, and what is Cisco doing to help them achieve this vision? Topics such as Cisco product and technology advancements, vendor trends such as IMS/non-IMS and "Quad Play/Any Play," provider perspectives, and evolving end-customer requirements will definitely be up for discussion in this session. Please join us to share your views in this area.

The Network as the Platform for Life's Experiences Across Vertical Markets (No Presentation Available)
On October 2, Cisco unveiled a new logo along with a bold marketing campaign focused on the power of the human network. Customers in Cisco's vertical markets will share their stories on how the network is transforming life's experiences.