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Now that the CIO (or the CTO) is a key executive on the CFO's staff, communicating the strategic value of technology and the value that technology can bring to the business on an ongoing and long-term basis, becomes faster.

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CFO Insights

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Asian Economies Need to Focus on R&D, Build Human Capital, and Strengthen Financial Institutions

During the 2014-18 period, 12 Asian economies are expected to grow at nearly 7% per annum, according to the findings of a recently concluded study.

Titled Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India 2014: Beyond the Middle-Income Trap, the study concludes that these economies would remain resilient in the next five years, riding on increasing domestic demand.

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Business Challenges

Budget Constraints, Reduced Travel Budgets - Is Video Collaboration the Solution?

Video is one of the most significant ways of achieving seamless collaboration. Like Snorre Kjesbu writes in his blog on 'Using Video as the Currency for Trust' on the Cisco Website: Short of being physically in the room and shaking hands when you say this, high-definition video is today the most effective communications tool to build trust in a business context.

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Cybercriminals Aren't Just Targeting Individuals - Protecting Your Network From Malware

The exploitation of trust is a common mode of operation for online attackers and other malicious actors. They take advantage of users' trust in systems, applications, and the people and businesses they interact with on a regular basis. And this approach works: There is ample evidence that adversaries are coming up with new methods for embedding their malware in networks, remaining undetected for long periods, and stealing data or disrupting critical systems.

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CFO Insights Article

Rajiv Menon on the Evolution of Technology Financing.

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