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Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction is a Core Value

Since 1992 we have been conducting an Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. Using the valuable input we receive from our customers, we establish the principal objectives for each of our functional areas. In addition, hiring and resource allocation decisions are based on consolidated customer feedback scores. Cisco believes so strongly in customer satisfaction, that a corporate-wide bonus is tied to our results.

Every year we set goals to increase customer satisfaction. The information we gather measures our high level relationships with customers and spotlights areas where we need to focus more attention. At times, the survey leads to the development of focus groups and follow-up surveys, which help dig more deeply into customer issues. Such initiatives, when coupled with data from transactional measurements, provide a rich source of direction from our customers.

Annual Survey Cycle

The 24th Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey is being conducted via the Internet allowing us to collect feedback from customers worldwide throughout our fiscal year. Invitations are sent by Cisco or a Cisco partner. Satisfaction is measured on a 5-point scale (5=Very Satisfied; 1= Very Dissatisfied).

For this fiscal year cycle, our survey began August 1, 2014 and concludes on July 10, 2015. We partner with Walker Information, an expert in this field, to conduct the survey and analyze the results.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Results will be made available to all Cisco employees to foster quality improvement and to provide a point of reference for areas where we may need to sharpen our focus. We also will share select data with our partners so that they, too, can benefit from customer insight and enhance services and support.

To contact Cisco regarding our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, please send an e-mail to

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