Seminar Overview

We are pleased to invite you to Cisco Expo Saudi Arabia, to be held on the 5th and 6th of December 2011 at the King Fahad Cultural Centre, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Cisco Expo Saudi Arabia 2011 will host the industry's flagship technology event for business and technical decision makers in the region. Under the theme “Innovate Together”. The event is a great opportunity to connect, collaborate and communicate with more than 2500 anticipated IT decision makers to discuss and experience the latest and most innovative technology trends that will transform and drive the success for government and businesses in the region..

Cisco Expo offers great opportunities to discuss a variety of topics ranging from global megatrends, their societal and economical impact, to innovation and relevance to the technology architectures.

With technology relevance to Demographics, Globalization, Sustainability, Energy, Green and Industry Transformations, the presentations and the interactions will offer a real platform for thought leadership, technology architecture and the role of innovation and disruption to address our current and future government and business environment.

The presentations and demonstrations, including those of Cisco partners, will focus around the power of collaboration, video, cloud and virtualization, borderless network and emerging technologies that are transforming business to networked enterprises driving business results, productivity, competitiveness and societal change.

Please RSVP by clicking the register button:

We look forward to seeing you at Cisco Expo Saudi Arabia 2011.

Kind regards,

Wayne Fullerton
Managing Director
Cisco Saudi Arabia



Day 1
5 December

  Collaboration DC BN IP NGN Business and Partner
Day 1 Auditorium A Auditorium B Auditorium C Hall D Hall E
08:00 - 08:45 Registration and Coffee
08:45 - 09:30 Welcome Note
09:30 - 10:00 Keynote Speech from Howard Charney, Cisco Senior Vice President, Office of the President
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 10:30 Soft Break
10:30 - 11:30 People at the center of Collaboration

Ahmed Samir and Marcus Lofqvist
Infrastructure Nexus Series

Ali Al-Idrees
Mapping Cisco Technologies to ISO 27001

Talhah Jarad
Carrier Ethernet (MWCE)

Jaroslaw Grabowski
Enterprise Technology Transition

Den Sullivan
11:30 - 12:00 Prayer
12:00 - 13:00 Unified Communications Manager (UCM) 8.6

Ahmed Samir
Unified Computing System (UCS)

Scott manson
Is your wireless network BYOD ready?

Mehmud Ameen

Mustafa Kattan
Cloud Services - Innovation by SBM
13:00 - 14:00 Networking Lunch
14:00 - 15:00 Video is the New Voice

Sajed Shamma
SMARTER WORKING - UC's Role in Workplace Transformation and Successful Deployment

Mr Ken Kanappan
Design your WLAN for Tablets, Smart Phone - BYOD Solution

Bader Otaibi
Cisco Videoscape reinvents the TV experience

Ahmed Maher Beheiry
Managed Cloud Services

Zayan Sadek
15:00 - 15:10 Soft Break
15:10 - 16:00 Cisco Digital Media System

Ahmad Chehime
Datacenter interconnect

Faadil Adam
Remote Access VPN with SSL

Abdullah Ahmed
CCIE SP Operations

Gert De Laet
MOHE HQ Success Story

BTC…Life - Powered by ICT
  End of Day 1

Day 2
6 December

  Collaboration DC BN IP NGN Business and Partner
Day 2 Auditorium A Auditorium B Auditorium C Hall D Hall E
08:00 - 09:00 Registration and Coffee
09:10 - 10:00 Next Generation Contact Center

Mario Gianni
Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI)

Marc Gollop
Identity Management (trustSec)

Atif Azim
IPoDWDM: 40G, 100G, and Beyond

Mustafa Kattan
Businesses run better with SAP on Cisco
10:00 - 10:10 Soft Break
10:10 - 11:00 Hosted Collaboration Service (HCS)

Ruediger Hartmann
Hosted Datacenter

Scott Manson
3G Offload Mobility / Secure Mobility

Peter Gaspar
LTE Architecture

Zeljko Savic
Delivering The Smart Cities

Mike Small
11:00 - 11:10 Soft Break
11:10 - 12:00 TelePresence Solution

Sajed Shamma
Cloud Network

Scott Manson
Firewall and Intrusion prevention System (FW & IPS)

Abdullah Ahmed
Mobile Packet Core (MPC)

Peter Gaspar
Mobile Internet Strategy and Direction

Sean MacKirdy
12:00 - 14:00 Dhuhr Prayer & Networking Lunch
14:10 - 14:55 Let's WebEx

Mohammad Al Rehaili
Cloud and X-as-a-Service

Osama Dosary
Services Ready Engine Virtualization

Malik Qasem
Mobile Video

Peter Gaspar
MMR Converged Infrastructure By MDS Platinum Partner
15:00 - 15:10 Soft Break
15:10 - 16:00 CCIE UC Advanced

Ben Ng
  CCIE Security

Gert De Laet
IPv6 Deployment

Al Mummar
Cisco Capital New Consumption Models

Rick Phillips
  End of Technical Sessions


PDF File What Drives The Future - Howard Charney  (PDF - 8,252 KB)

PDF File CCIE Service Provider Ops - Gert De Laet  (PDF - 1,996 KB)

PDF File CCIE Voice and Advanced UC - Ben Ng  (PDF - 1,090 KB)

PDF File Cisco Data Center Architecture - Ali Al-Idrees  (PDF - 2,662 KB)

PDF File Hosted Collaboration SolutionTechnical Solution Overview - Ruediger Hartmann (PDF - 7,290 KB)

PDF File LTE Design and Deployment Strategies - Zeljko Savic  (PDF - 4,191 KB)

PDF File The Cloud Era - Zayan Sadek & Mazen Abi Najm  (PDF - 5,123 KB)

PDF File ISR G2 and Service Ready Engine - Malik Qasem & Salah Kallab (PDF - 2,142 KB)

PDF File Carrier Ethernet - Jaroslaw Grabowski  (PDF - 3,334 KB)

PDF File Cisco Mobile Packet Core - Peter Gaspar  (PDF - 7,215 KB)

PDF File Cisco SsaaS Collaboration Solutions - Mohammad Al Rehaili  (PDF - 3,387 KB)

PDF File Data Center Interconnect - Faadil  (PDF - 2,537 KB)

PDF File Firewall and IPS - Abdullah Ahmed  (PDF - 5,260 KB)

PDF File Mapping Cisco Security to ISO 27001 - Talhah Jarad  (PDF - 17,154 KB)

PDF File Mobile Video Ready Network - Peter Gaspar  (PDF - 2,615 KB)

PDF File Remote Access VPN - Abdullah Ahmed  (PDF - 3,173 KB)

PDF File Wifi Offload - Peter Gaspar  (PDF - 4,478 KB)

PDF File Next Generation Contact Center - Mario Gianni  (PDF - 4,554 KB)

PDF File Unified Communications 8.6 - Ahmed Samir  (PDF - 7,705 KB)

PDF File People At The Center Of Collaboration - Marcus Lofqvist  (PDF - 5,531 KB)

PDF File New Era Of Communication Cisco Digital Media Suite Overview - Ahmad Chehime  (PDF - 6,845 KB)

PDF File IPv6 Deployment - Ali Mummar  (PDF - 5,909 KB)

PDF File Cisco Capital New Consumption Models - Rick Phillips  (PDF - 632 KB)

PDF File Cisco MPLS-TP Solutions - Moustafa Kattan (PDF - 6,387 KB)

PDF File IPoDWDM: 100G and Beyond - Moustafa Kattan  (PDF - 6,133 KB)

PDF File Cisco Trustsec And Identity Services Engine - Atif Azim  (PDF - 2,945 KB)


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Recorded Live from Cisco Expo Saudi on the 5th and 6th of December 2011.

These recorded sessions are powered by Cisco Webex

Hall A - Keynote Speech from Howard Charney - Howard Charney

Hall A - People at the center of Collaboration - Ahmed Samir and Marcus Lofqvist

Hall A - Unified Communications Manager (UCM) 8.6 - Ahmed Samir

Hall A - Video is the New Voice - Sajed Shamma

Hall A - Cisco Digital Media System - Ahmad Chehime

Hall A - TelePresence Solution - Sajed Shamma

Hall A - Let's WebEx - Mohammad Al Rehaili

Hall A - CCIE UC Advanced - Ben Ng


Keynote Speakers

Howard Charney

Senior Vice President, Office of the President

Senior Vice President Howard Charney is a member of Cisco's Office of the President and Executive Staff. He contributes to Cisco's strategy and direction, and advises businesses, governments, and educators around the world on implementing critical Internet technologies to improve productivity and competitiveness.

During more than 30 years in Silicon Valley, Charney has overseen the development and proliferation of key technologies that led directly to the global build-out of the Internet. After joining Cisco with the acquisition of Grand Junction Networks, he helped grow Cisco's new two-tier distribution business to more than US$2.4 billion and, with Cisco's brand and market momentum, helped turn Fast Ethernet and low-cost switching into fundamental, global Internet technologies.

Previously, Charney founded Grand Junction Networks in 1992. Grand Junction invented Fast Ethernet and low-cost switching, which transformed the economics of switching. In 1980 Charney co-founded 3Com, the progenitor of Ethernet and local area networking. 3Com's breakthrough technologies enabled Internet access to the desktop.

A licensed patent attorney, Charney belongs to the State Bar of California and the Federal Bar. He sits on the boards of several technology companies and on the advisory board for the Center for Science, Technology and Society at Santa Clara University. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and master's of business administration and juris doctor degrees from Santa Clara University.

April 2, 2011


Dr. Abdulrahman Al- Motrif

Ministry of Higher Education
P.O. Box 34459 Riyadh 11468, KSA

Director Smart Building and Campuses Technologies, Ministry of Higher Education
Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Educational Computing - King Saud University
Committee Member, E-learning and Distance Education (2002 to Present), Member, National Family for Technology (2001 to Present); Committee Member, E-Processing (2005 to Present); President, Secondary Committee for Education Technology (2002 to Present)

Distinguished as Science Team President for Learning Technology portion of Higher Education Horizons and the Future 5-year project.

Previously worked as:
ICT Director, at TATWEER project
Dean of E-Learning and Distance Learning Deanship, King Saud University

Ahmad Chehime

Ahmad Chehime currently is a Business Development Manager for Digital Media Suite covering EMEAR region for Cisco Emerging Technology Group. Ahmad has joined Cisco USA in early 2000 as a Technical Marketing Engineer focusing on Leased-Lines and Broadband Aggregation Architectures and products. Chehime has extensive experience in Service Provider infrastructure deployments. In early 2006, Chehime took on a Product Management role to drive the next generation Mid-range router ASR 1000 business at a global level. Two years later Ahmad joined Cisco KSA as a Senior System Engineer focusing on Mega-Cities projects initially and later focused on  the incumbent service provider in KSA; STC. Since early 2008 Ahmad started to develop passion for video architectures for both enterprise and service provider segments. Today Ahmad is focusing on bringing a new video experience to our customers by evangelizing the new Cisco Video Content and Video Communication strategies.

Ahmed Beheiry

Ahmed Beheiry, CCIE#9918 is a Consulting Systems Engineer covering  Emerging Markets with over 12 years of experience in the area of SP Video and Voice.  Ahmed holds extensive experience  on SP Video Solutions for IPTV providers, Cable providers, broadcasters and content providers throughout MiddleEast, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Ahmed Beheiry holds a Bachelor degree of Engineering in the telecommunication and electronic design from Cairo University. He also holds an MBA degree from ESLSCA Business School of Paris.

Ahmed Samir

Ahmed is a Consulting Systems Engineer for Collaboration based in Cisco Riyadh office.  He has 10 years of experience on voice over IP, Unified Communications  & Collaboration technologies.  Ahmed has joined Cisco on 2006 as a Systems Engineer looking after the Transportation & Finance sectors.


Ali Al-Idrees

Ali Al-Idrees is the Data Center & Virtualization Consulting Systems Engineer in Cisco Systems covering KSA. Ali joint Cisco Amsterdam in 2006 where he spent one year there until he joint Cisco Riyadh in the service provider team where he was the main architect for the main Service Providers datacenters in Saudi. Before Cisco, Ali worked 2 years in IBM.

Ali graduated from KFUPM in 2004 as a Computer Engineer. He is a CCIE R&S and Vmware Certified.

Ali Mummar

Certification: CCIE in R&S and SP , 17477
Field Experience: 12 years in Service providers design and networking (worked in major SP in Canada)
Education: BS.C Electrical Engineering and Master of Engineering from Dalhousie University , Halifax, Canada
Expertise: IP/MPLS, IPoDWDM, IPv6, IP Broadband and ISG, Network and performance Management, Telepresense and exchange network design.

Anand Tatiya

Anand Tatiya

Principal Business Application Architect

Anand is Principal business application architect with 16 years of experience of working with Global corporations across continents in multiple industry segments. Over the years he has assumed a number of roles including Consulting (with PwC), Business development and Management ( Hewlett Packard) for large assignments in various cross functional areas. In his current role at SAP MENA Anand covers Entire SAP Solution Portfolio covering cross functional business processes for various industries.His focus has always been the delivery of Process excellence through technology.Academically Anand has a chartered accountant degree to his credit and has recently got accredited with leadership development credentials from Harvard business school, Boston.

Atif Azim

Atif is a product marketing manager in Cisco. He has marketing responsibilities for the ISE, ACS & NAC product lines with extensive knowledge in this industry. Prior to joining Cisco he was a co-founder of Perfigo Inc, a company that was  acquired by Cisco in 2004.


Bader Alotaibi

Bader Alotaibi is a Consulting Systems Engineer specialized in Wireless technology. He has been with Cisco for 4.5 years and has played a major role in designing some of the largest WiFi deployments in the region. He covers the Gulf countries with expertise on working with different industries (e.g. education, healthcare, oil&gas, service provider). While his main area of expertise is Wireless technologies, Bader is also a part of the Borderless Network team in EMEA working with Security and R&S teams. Along with his main duty of helping customers and partners design wireless networks, he takes the responsibility of bridging the channel of communication between the field and the Wireless Business Unit which may influence future product developments.

Den Sullivan

Den Sullivan, Head of Architectures and Enterprise, Emerging Markets, Cisco
Den is responsible for helping customers in 84 countries align their business priorities with their IT strategies. His role is to demonstrate how an architectural approach to IT can help businesses thrive in a world where people want to share rich media with anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time - securely, reliably, and seamlessly.
Prior to his role as Head of Architectures and Enterprise for Emerging Markets, he was CIO for a sales region that spanned Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
Under his leadership, the IT Group made significant investment to support tremendous growth in the region. This meant transforming the organisation's foundational infrastructure while providing a portfolio of new capabilities such as Telepresence, and additional video and collaboration technologies.
Den joined Cisco, and the IT Architecture Group, in 2000. He was responsible for several large-scale advanced technology programmes including the initial portfolio of Virtual Private Networks, Wireless and IP Telephony services. In 2003 he managed the transition of the European, Middle East and Africa WAN to a Multicast MPLS network, the first of its kind globally.
Prior to joining Cisco, Den held a number of management positions in utilities, public sector and consulting. He has an MBA from London Business School.
Den lives in Dubai with his young family and has run the London Marathon on ten occasions.

Gert De Laet

Faadil Adam

Faadil Adam is a Consulting Engineer in the Service Provider team at Cisco Saudi Arabia since 2007. Having worked closely with major SP accounts in the region, he has an exposure to all the SP core technologies. Faadil comes from South Africa where he has had the experience of working with both Enterprise and Service Providers since 1998. Faadil graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Durban Institute of Technology.

Gert De Laet

Gert De Laet

Business Leader Europe,Middle East & Africa, Russia CIS
Cisco Systems Belgium
De Kleetlaan 6a
1831 Diegem

Gert De Laet, CCIE #2657, has both CCIE Security and CCIE Routing and Switching certifications. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Internetworking Business. Gert is currently based in Brussels, Belgium working for the global Learning@Cisco team as theater leader and Business Development Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Russia CIS holding an Engineering degree in Electronics. His main objective relates to internal/external staff development and staff retention. Cisco solutions continue to grow in technical complexity, yet the skills and knowledge of customer and partner employees are short of the desired state. Gert is leading the charge to provide direction and proper learning paths and resources to help our customers and partners address these challenges up to the expert level. Gert responsibilities for EMEAR include running the P&L, product and service development and delivery, operations, marketing, the technical community and its support operations

Gert joined Cisco in 1994 as an On-Site Service Engineer spending four years in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (Pre-sales TAC) and joined the CCIE team in 1999. Primarily working as a CCIE Subject Matter Expert and Program Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Gert has an in depth knowledge of networking technologies, networking solutions, and a generic architectures/framework background.

Gert gained a thorough understanding of management from a strategic and international perspective and was able to transfer a number of his acquired management and coaching skills and techniques to his daily professional environment, within the framework of Cisco’s International corporate strategy.

Gert has extensive experience and collaboration with CiscoPress; authored CiscoPress titles listed: Network Security Fundamentals. A contributing author of CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide (CCIE Self-Study) and CCDA Exam Certification Guide and was a technical reviewer for CCSP VPN Practical Studies, CCIE Security Practice Labs and Network Security Technologies and Solutions, all published by Cisco Press.

Gert is frequently asked to participate in public speaking for Industry events such as Networkers and M2M. Also, has worked with core Cisco live / Networkers /Cisco Expo teams for over ten years defining and validating the content for Level 3 and Techtorial Sessions.

Luisa Baldini

Hussein El-Shamy

Mr. El-Shamy has over 12 years of experience as Consulting System engineer and Mobile Solutions Architect on a large number of complex solutions in the area of 2.5G/3G and Broadband Wireless/WiMAX/WiFi/3GPP/LTE Infrastructure. Also he has extensive experience in data networking and telecommunications industry with a strong background in sales engineering and technical support.

Mr. El-Shamy holds a Bachelor degree of Engineering in the telecommunication and electronic design from Cairo University. Coupled with his Engineering Background; Mr. El-Shamy holds an MBA degree from ESLSCA Business School of Paris.

Hatem El-Kady

Hatem El-Kady

Eng. Mohamed Mokhtar leads Technology Services Solutions for IBM Saudi. His expertise in IT Architecture Services, Cloud Computing Services, Data Center Facilities Services, and Servers/Storage Infrastructure Services, as well as 25 years of experience in Information Technology, Business Development, System Integration and Project Management.

Jaroslaw Grabowski

Jaroslaw Grabowski is Consultant System Engineer at Cisco. He joined Cisco in 2006 and his current focus is related to Carrier Ethernet solutions for Service Provider. Jaroslaw has graduated Telecommunication Faculty in Warsaw University of Technology in 1994. Since then he worked for major vendors in Service Providers market covering different solutions and technologies.

Ken Kannappan

Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

Ken has seventeen years with Plantronics, the last twelve as CEO.  During Ken's tenure as CEO Plantronics created the first intelligent headsets with sensors for Unified Communications, the first headsets using Digital Signal Processing for mobile Bluetooth and PC VoIP calling, and the first headsets that worked across multiple devices such as phone, pc, and mobile.  Plantronics has achieved exceptional customer satisfaction, with the greatest gap between #1 and #2 of any industry.  Plantronics serves 100% of the Fortune 100 and has gained global market share every year during Ken's tenure and is now over twice as large as its nearest competitor, with a substantial lead in Unified Communications, Office, Contact Center, and Mobile.  Ken has a BA from Yale University and an MBA from Stanford.  Ken has been Chairman of the Board and a Director of a number of technology companies and is on the Board of Second Harvest Food Bank.  Ken is married with two sons, ages 16 and 18.

Malik Qasem

Previous to Cisco (joined in May 2007) worked for Cisco Partners and Mobile Operators in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Since 2002 focuses on IP services and DC infrastructure for Enterprise Customers where he participated in and lead multiple projects related to MPLS, Network Management. Cleared his CCIE R&S back in 2002. In Cisco, holds position of system engineer for Oil and Gas Sector (Routing and Switching, DC infrastructure.). Malik is holding a B Sc. in Engineering degree / Computer & Electronics at Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Egypt

Marc Gollop

Marc Gollop is a Cisco veteran from 2001. He moved from the network side to the transition of Legacy PABX to the IP Phone in 2002 and in 2006, he moved to the Data Center environment starting in the SAN area and has currently covers the whole Data Center portfolio. Marc will be taking you through the journey in the virtual desktop environment, covering the innovations Cisco is delivering to integrate voice and video, and the operational benefits that their Data Center products bring in powering the solution, and the importance of the network that will deliver it- making it the true Virtual Desktop Experience.

Marcus Lofqvist

Marcus Lofqvist is a Systems Engineer working with Service Providers in the kingdom focusing on one of Cisco's focus technology, Collaboration and something he have been doing for the past 5 years. He recently moved from Cisco Sweden where he worked with major Enterprise customer covering Collaboration and Borderless Networks. His expertise is around Video, Social Media and Collaboration in general and how you can benefit from these technologies in a day to day business environment.

Mario Gianni

Mario Gianni is a Consulting Systems Engineer working for Cisco for the last eleven years. His main technical focus is Contact Center solutions. He worked for the EMEA team for six years and then he moved to the Emerging Market Advanced Technology Consulting team. Mario has been involved in most of the biggest Contact Center deals across Europe and the Emerging Market countries. He actively supported customer opportunities helping closing the deal. He's an expert on Unified Contact Center Express, Enterprise and Hosted as well as Customer Voice Portal, IP-IVR, Outbound and Multi-Channel.

Mehmud Ameen

Mehmud Ameen has been with Cisco Saudi Arabia for over 10 years. He has held various positions in Systems Engineering. Currently is the Product Sales Manager (PSM) for the Cisco Mobility solutions. In addition to Mobility he has expertise in Collaboration and Unified Communications, Metro Ethernet, MPLS and Optical Networks,  and Service Provider Voice technologies. Prior to Cisco he was with Notel in Canada. He holds M.Sc.(Queens) and B.Engr. (McGill, Honors) degrees in Electrical Engineering.


Mike Small

"Mr. Mike Small" Leads Government Solutions for IBM in Middle East and Africa and is at the forefront of bringing IBM's significant investment in smart cities solutions, and expertise in delivering smarter plant initiatives to the region.  With Master's Degrees in both Engineering and Economics, as well as 20 years experience in Government before joining IBM as a consultant, Mike will talk about how the "Smarter Cities" transformation that Governments seek can be enabled by technology.
He is based in Dubai and leads IBMs Smarter Cities portfolio of solutions in Middle East and Africa.


Moustafa Kattan

Moustafa Kattan is a Senior Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer with over 17 years of Multinational Experience in Networking and Telecom. Moustafa lived and worked in the U.S., Canada as well as the MEA. His main area of expertise includes designing large scale IP NGN Transport solutions for Service Providers, Public Sectors and Enterprise environments. This includes NG DWDM networks, IPoDWDM, MPLS-TP and Data Center Interconnects. Moustafa is currently involved in the IETF WSON standards definition, has a related WSON pending patent and is frequent speaker at Cisco Live, Cisco Expo and the IEEE. He holds an B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from University of La Verne, California as well as an MBA from Touro University International, California.

Osama Dosary

Osama is a Consulting Systems Engineer working for Cisco's Emerging Technology Group, supporting Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe for Physical Security. He has a Master's degree in Computer Networks from the University of Southern California. He has over 12 years of industry experience across various roles in the field of Computer Networking. The roles he has undertaken during his career have ranged from Research and Development; Network Engineering and Administration; Teaching; System Administration; Service Provider Network Operations and Network Planning; to ICT Consultation. Osama is also affiliated with many industry institutes and associations such as the IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers); ISOC (Internet Society); APIA (Asia Pacific Internet Association); COMPSOC (Computer Society); and SCS (Saudi Computer Society.) Osama's other areas of interest include Security, Wireless, and Operating Systems.

Peter Gaspar

Peter Gaspar - Previous to Cisco (joined in January 2007) worked for mobile operators and service providers in Slovakia and Austria. Since 2003 focuses on IP services and infrastructure for mobile operators where he participated in and lead multiple projects related to Packet Core, IP transport, network SLA monitoring and IMS. In Cisco, holds position of consulting system engineer for mobile technologies (Packet Core, SIGTRAN, MPLS Core, RAN aggregation, WiMax, Femto, IPv6 etc.) in the Emerging Theater. Peter graduated master degree study of Informatics at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips is the Middle East and Africa Area Manager for Cisco Capital and his responsibility is to manage the origination team, which originates, negotiates and structures Financial Products and Credit Facilities for Cisco's partners and customers in the region. He also serves as the Managing Director of Cisco Capital Dubai Ltd, which is a fully licensed entity at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Prior to joining Cisco Capital, Rick worked in senior positions at several multinational companies including GE Capital, HP Financials Services and JP Morgan Chase.


Ruediger Hartmann

Ruediger Hartmann is a Consulting Systems Engineer in the Service Provider (SP) Cloud Services and Architecture team for EMEAR at Cisco Systems. He focuses on technical consultancy around SP managed and hosted voice and collaboration services for enterprise customers.

In 1996 Ruediger joined the Cisco Enterprise Sales organization in Germany. He started his work on multi-service and VoIP/ATM/FR solutions. In 2000 he moved to the European Product Marketing team for multi-service switches and to his current role of Consulting Engineering for service provider voice and collaboration solutions in 2004.

Ruediger owns a degree in Computer Science from the Technical University in Berlin, Germany.

In his free time Ruediger rides his mountain bike or goes for a sail.

Sajed Shamma

Sajed Shamma has 11 years experience in the IT industry, 6 of which have been in the TelePresence and Video industry with TANDBERG and Cisco. His previous role in the TelePresence industry has been as Regional Product Manager covering multiple countries in the Middle East. His current role is more focused in Saudi Arabia where he is involved in key accounts in the region, with strong experience in account transitions and implementing pervasive video within customer accounts. He also has extensive technical knowledge of the telepresence and video portfolio of other vendors.

Sajed holds a Bachelor's degree of Communication Engineering and is currently an MBA candidate in Herriot-Watt University.

Scott Manson

Scott joined Cisco in September 2010 as Regional Director for Emerging Markets, following a year long tenure managing joint sales opportunities between BMC Software and Cisco across Europe, Middle East and Africa. As a Sales Manager at BMC Software over the last 4 years, the last year has been focused on working with the Cisco field driving joint UCS opportunities across all theaters and verticals, where BMC's Automation and Orchetrastraion products were used as a competitive differentiator against the IBM, HP and Dell management offerings.  This role included heavy focus on large strategic transformational Cloud computing opportunities, such as Telefonica, France Telecom, Portugal Telecom, Steria, Telekom Polska and many others, where Cisco Cloud Lifecycle Management solution has been positioned as the leading Cloud technology in the Service Provider theatre.

Since moving to Cisco Scott has been focused on selling the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage proposition and this year has taken on a team of Product Sales Specialist, covering KSA, Middle East and Turkey.

Scott has over 13 years of experience in Information Technology. His technology and process driven sales background includes Data Center management, middleware and application technologies. He is also certified in ITIL.

Sean MacKirdy

Sean MacKirdy is Cisco's Director of Operations for Sales to the Enterprise and Commercial Sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sean joined Cisco in the United States in March of 2000, and has held Account Manager, Strategic Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Client Executive positions prior to moving to Riyadh in April of 2011.  Most recently, Sean was the Regional Sales Manager for the US Public Sector Team in the Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming territory.  The team grew the business 57% in the two years he was the RSM, and had major S+CC wins which included the first two vBlock 1's sold in US Public Sector for Data Center Consolidation at the State of Colorado.

Sean is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Art and a minor in Advertising.

Talhah Jarad

P.Eng. M.Sc., PMP, ABCP

A licensed professional engineer (P.Eng.) and Project Management Professional (PMP) with a Master degree (M. Sc.) in Computer Engineering and Networking and 15 years of technical and managerial experience. Solid and diverse background in security derived from working for multiple vendors and systems integrators (IBM, Juniper, Cisco) and providing consulting services to major organizations on building security strategy, analyzing market trends, building security frameworks, building policies, procedures, and guidelines, and ISO 27001 compliance. Exceptional presentation and communication skills manifested in several successful TV shows and series along with appearances and speeches in TV programs and international conferences.

To his credit, the following TV Shows where he prepares and presents:

  • "Right Click" TV Show comprised of 30 episodes of a family-oriented program to educate viewers on how to maximize their benefits from the home PC and the internet for the entire family members.
  • "Elements of Success" TV Show comprised of 52 episodes geared to coaching viewers on realizing their potential and achieving the maximum in life.

Talhah Jarad is also an invited guest on different channels speaking about information security, time management, and personal development. He is also a regular speaker at IDC road shows, Cisco Networkers, Cisco Expos, and others.

Waleed Al Basha

Sr.Account Manager at MMR

Zayan Sadek

Territory Manager, Service Providers

Zayan Sadek is a territory manager for the SP industry focusing mainly on developing the business and the Cloud Managed Services portfolio with Etihad Etisalat Mobily. Zayan brings more than 11 years of experience in the IT industry with expertise covering core IT infrastructure and business applications. He is involved in building and developing new cloud products and the marketing strategies to ensure their successful GTM. Zayan has also a cross industry exposure in the Saudi market covering the SP, energy, and financial services industries.

Zayan Joined Cisco in July, 2007. Prior to it, he worked for leading multinational companies such as Oracle and SBM/IBM.

Zayan holds an MBA from the university of Liverpool and a bachelor degree of computer and communications engineering from the American University of Beirut.



Seminar Location

King Fahd Cultural Center

The King Fahd Cultural Center is a modern expansive landmark hosting different cultural attractions and entertainment facilities. The cultural center features a mix of ancient and modern presentations of the unique aspects of Saudi culture. A tour of the cultural center also took you to a modern planetarium where you will expose to wonderful discovery projections of space and the universe. The center also hosts modern entertainment theaters, a café and a library. The King Fahd Cultural Center offers as much fun and discoveries as one would imagine.

Location : Saudi Arabia , Riyadh , Al Ma'ather street , before the Olympic city .



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Saudi Business Machines Ltd. (SBM) was established in 1981 as the General Marketing and Services Representative of IBM WTC in Saudi Arabia.

Today, SBM is the Kingdom's leading IT company providing end-to-end ICT solutions across all industries. Its capability as a total solutions provider is further enhanced with its portfolio of services in Networking, Systems Integration, Consultancy and Implementation, Business Recovery, and Managed Services.

SBM's full range of IBM hardware and software products include small, medium and large servers, storage, software applications, printing systems, personal computing, point-of-sale and self-service solutions.

With these capabilities, SBM Network Services develops end-to-end solutions to help customers move to an On Demand IT environment. Operational efficiency and business resiliency address these customers' needs and become entry points to On Demand Business.

The Professional Services (PS) line of business within SBM, also known as Business Consulting Services (BCS), offers high-quality advisory, consultancy, and system implementation services across the complete spectrum of Information Technology activities.

SBM's Integrated Technology Services line of business is the premier technology integrator in the industry providing services to enable, integrate, optimize and manage ‘On Demand' business infrastructures, increasing IT business value for customers.

SBM is the leading Network & Telecommunication Solutions provider and is ranked #1 Cisco Gold Partner in Saudi with the highest revenue contributor over the last 6 years.

Working with key business partners and being in line with IBM's strategic direction allows SBM to leverage its resources and skills in all areas of IT.

SBM's focus on quality is demonstrated by the fact that we are one of the first “ISO90012000 - Certified” Services Organization in KSA since June 2001.

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The world is changing rapidly with integrated communication and IT technologies. Saudi Arabia is also witnessing a fast growth in adoption and use of new ICT services driven by initiatives like E-Government, Industrial Cities and Universities amongst others.

This growth in adoption leads to fast developing and complex needs in the ICT space - including IT services and communication technologies - as these rapid changes are redefining the way business is done.

To cope with this rapid technological changes, STC Group is offering comprehensive IT solutions through its agile subsidiary, which supports companies in the Kingdom in getting the best out of those new technologies.

AWAL is at the forefront of reshaping the IT landscape in Saudi Arabia helping organizations from all fields. AWAL is a customer centric company supporting large business organizations, as well as government institutions to design, build, and manage flexible, scalable, and secure information infrastructure environments in a way so that delivers tangible business outcomes to AWAL's clients. We offer solutions in the areas of connectivity, system and network integration as well as managed services and enable our customers to get maximum return on their IT investment in an efficient and effective manner.

AWAL is not new in this field, it is the part of STC Group Strategy expansion to fill the gap between connectivity infrastructure and IT services infrastructure. Besides serving our clients with connectivity and hosting services, we expanded our services base to provide end-to-end IT services. This enables us to offer high quality IT services bouquet through one single point for our customer.


AWAL provides the whole spectrum of ICT services to government and private enterprises in Saudi Arabia. We provide ICT services from basic internet connectivity and data center services to customized IT solutions, such as consulting, infrastructure integration and managed solutions.

  1. Consulting.
  2. Infrastructure.
  3. Managed Solutions.
  4. Data Center Services.
  5. Internet & Connectivity.



Established in 1975, BTC Networks crafted its identity through a comprehensive framework assuring its market alignment goals that helped the company build its core and supporting business units in a fashion that always puts Clients' requirements and satisfaction at the centre of its operational concern.

With continuous exposure to a multitude of different technologies BTC is successfully maintaining business with all major Government, military, Telcos, and private sector clients in Saudi Arabia powered by its rigorous practices; such relentless efforts allowed BTC Networks to become the incumbent System Integrator in Saudi Arabia that customers and manufacturers altogether prefer to partner with. This successfully implemented vision enabled BTC to expand operations in the Middle East to: Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

With the ever changing ICT industry, BTC Networks is continuously making efforts to partner with leading vendors in the fields of: multimedia & audio-visual infrastructure, voice & data infrastructures, customer relations centres, communication & information security, designing & building data centres, business & process applications, low-current systems, indoor/outdoor wireless & Radio communications, and video conferencing solutions for Enterprise & Carrier customers. BTC Networks offers its services to all private and government customers with assured Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts.


Founded in 1982 by SHEIKH MOHAMMED MANSOUR AL-RUMAIH (MMR), the company started its activity by hiring highly qualified staff with thorough experience in the relevant and specialist fields of Computers, Data Communications and Electro-Mechanical installations and support Systems.

Today, MMR is a loyal gold partner to Cisco with continuous commitment to development and growing reputation (over 14 years), MMR highly professional, dedicated and certified CISCO technical team is quickly becoming recognized as one of the leaders in the kingdom.

With an established track record and an industry leading reputation for technical excellence, we plan, implement and manage IT infrastructure solutions that support our customers' business objectives. From managed services to a complex data-center, MMR can deliver to suit your IT needs.



BT Al Saudia, a joint venture between HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Sattam bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and BT, is a leading provider of consulting, system integration and managed networked IT services in Saudi Arabia.

Established in 1989, BT Al Saudia is an official channel partner of BT Global Services in Saudi Arabia and as such has access to BT's rich portfolio of products and services through BT's network node in Riyadh.

Additionally, BT Al Saudia's service desk in Riyadh supports customers throughout the Middle East region. A Cisco Gold certified partner, BT Al Saudia employs a staff of 180.

For more information about BT Al Saudia, visit

For more information about BT, visit



A member of the NTT Group, Dimension Data is a specialist IT services and solution provider that helps clients plan, build, support and manage their IT infrastructures in 49 countries around the world.

Drawing on our 12,500 strong employee base, backed by a solid 28-year track record, Dimension Data applies its expertise in technology solutions and its unique skills in consulting, integration and managed services to help our clients accelerate their ambition.

A Cisco Gold Partner, Dimension Data Saudi Arabia began its operations in 2008, and has since then established itself as a trusted advisor with clients in financial services, energy and Public Sector.


EBTTIKAR Technology Co., a subsidiary of the National Technology Group, is one of the leading IT Infrastructure Solutions Providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is well positioned to lead the IT service industry in the Middle East by leveraging its strategic partnerships with world class technology vendors, solid service infrastructure and its commitment to the region.

We thrive on the mission of enabling the best business results through IDEAS, PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY. As a total IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider, we provide a full spectrum of services that includes Consulting, Design, Implementation, Integration and a whole host of Outsourcing Services. In short we address the entire cycle of a typical IT undertaking - from Consult, Build, Deploy to Manage.

Committed to our full-service proposition, we pride ourselves of strong alliances with some of the world's most renowned technology companies including Cisco, HP, Oracle, EMC, Juniper, Microsoft, Symantec, Spirent, Redline Communications, Systimax and SafeNet - to provide the most effective and competitive solutions to our customers.

Through 4 main offices and 19 services centres across the Kingdom with over 200 full-time employees and 500 project staff, Ebttikar serves over 250 customers across various industry sectors.

Recognized for its excellent service quality and business performance, EBTTIKAR has been awarded several local and regional achievement recognitions, from Saudi e business awards as the Best Networking Solutions Company in 2004, Best Enterprise Channel award from HP in 2003 and the Gold Partner of the Year Award in 2004 for the region of Russia, Middle East and Africa from Cisco. Ebttikar was the first regional company to receive Cisco Gold Partner Certification in the Middle East.


Emircom is a leading System Integrator in the Middle East, specializing in Telecom and ICT with a great emphasis on selected technology verticals namely Data Center, Security, Video and Services. . Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals, a powerful vision, and a strong management, Emircom is poised to take its rightful place as trendsetters in pursuit of excellence.

We are servicing a wide Customer base in UAE and KSA such as service providers, governments, educational Institutes, finance houses and health care organizations. For nearly 3 decades Emircom has been the ICT Partner of choice for many of the most challenging projects in the region.


Al-Jammaz Distribution is a leading Saudi based IT company, which distributes advanced technology products, solutions and services in the areas of networking, data and voice communications, Computers, Servers, storage, wireless mobility and broadband access.  We do business through our channel partners; Al-Jammaz Distribution serves the financial, industrial, education, hospitality, healthcare, and government sectors, offering high-demand products at the lowest possible cost including leading technology suppliers such as: Cisco Systems, Linksys, Alcatel, Patton Electronics, SpeedTouch by Thomson, Brand-Rex, Panduit, APC…

We mainly look after the distribution business through 1st and 2nd tier targeting the Retail, SMB/commercial Mid Market and Enterprise segments.  After eight years of working in the field of telecommunications, we succeeded to establish strong business with coverage and reach about 80% of the Saudi Arabia territory.


We want to keep you moving on the Fast Lane

Fast Lane is one of the leading IT Training companies worldwide with offices spread over all five continents. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to deliver quality Training in an efficient and sustainable way. We believe that teaching is more than just imparting knowledge it is inspiring change - visit our website for more information.







IPMagix is the leading Unified Communications Applications provider in the MENA region. Its portfolio ranges from highly advanced to simple applications that best utilize IPT and IPTV technologies to fulfill the needs of various sectors such as: Financial Services, Government, Hospitality, Real Estate and Education. The company enjoys a strong strategic partnership with Cisco through Cisco Developer Network program. During Cisco Expo IPMagix will showcase its top-notch applications; HotelMagix, TVMagix&MagixOffice (



Logicom Public Ltd is an international group of companies. It has physical presence in 22 countries, employs over 550 professionals and services more than 8000 customers in 30 countries worldwide.

Logicom KSA a subsidiary of Logicom Public Ltd was established in June 2006. It has an office and warehouse in Riyadh and covers the whole of the Saudi Market through sales offices in Jeddah and Khobar. Logicom distributes a wide product range in KSA. It has teamed up with the most prominent vendors in the IT industry such us Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Kingston, and is looking to add more brands to its portfolio.


Naizak, established in 1998, is a totally customer driven, local services organization, with a deliberate policy of heavy investment in staff of a very high caliber and specialization.

Excellence through Dedication"- is the Naizak's value proposition to the customer.

Naizak is a subsidiary of Al Abdulkarim Holding Co, the Gulf's largest supplier/stockiest of electrical, electromechanical, telecommunication, instrumentation, and oilfield components and equipment.

Naizak provides a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate their strategic business agendas into IT initiatives and solutions that significantly improve performance.

Our clients leverage a single point of contact that blends Cisco's advanced and emerging technologies with Naizak's industry-specific understanding of how technology impacts people, applications and business processes.

We help organizations use IT as a strategic asset and fully integrate data center virtualization and communications and collaboration capabilities into core business processes, allowing clients to accelerate business agility, reduce costs, drive revenue and deliver superior customer service.


Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure through simplification, agility and operational efficiency. Panduit's Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI) based solutions give enterprises the capabilities to connect, manage and automate communications, computing, power, control and security systems for a smarter, unified business foundation. Strong relationships with technology leaders complemented with its global staff and unmatched service and support, make Panduit a valuable and trusted partner.

Sigma IT is a well known premium IT services provider specialized in Learning and Managed Services

Serving the MEA region through offices in KSA and Egypt we offer knowledgeable diversified high quality services.

Relying on experienced professional trainers we provide unique collection of both standard and customized training courses.

Managed Services:
Our full spectrum includes Professional Services and Manpower Outsourcing allowing our clients to be the extension of our teams while maximizing their resources.


Track Distribution is a subsidiary of Aptec Holdings, the regional Middle East and North Africa Value-Added Distributor. Track is an Authorized Cisco Distributor and is dedicated to the supply of Cisco based technology through a wide network of resellers and delivered by ATS (Advanced Technology Services), Aptec's professional services company. Track Distribution has offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Azerbaijan to serve entire Middle East region, including CIS countries.


Wipro, the global $5.5Bn IT services major and a leading provider of IT and business transformation services employs 125,000 employees globally & 600+ in KSA.

Wipro Arabia Limited is a JV between Wipro and Dar Al Riyadh in KSA and is in the 11th year of operations in the KSA.

Wipro is a 360o Global System Integrator for Cisco. We are Cisco Managed Services Master Channel Partner worldwide, Advanced Technology partner for Telepresence, Datacenter, Unified Computing, Wireless Mesh, Advanced Routing & Switching. We are Gold partner in KSA, UAE, India, USA, UK. /

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IT solutions for highest expectations

BITIS or Al-Bashawri for Information Technology & Integrated Solutions is a Saudi Arabian establishment based in Riyadh. It was founded in the year 2003 with a capital of 300,000 SR to serve medium to large enterprises in the Saudi IT market and fill in quality gaps by using top of the line technologies to provide effective, highly reliable and complete solutions. Solutions are tailored to meet customer needs to automate their various functions.


To be the most trusted Information technology resource a customer can think of.


We will design, build and deliver our services with the sole purpose of meeting our customer's best expectations, completely and fully satisfying their needs.


To achieve its merit vision BITIS hexistings the following set of goals and guidelines:

  • Integrity, high moral, and ethics are the basis of our business conduct.
  • We only deliver fully functional Solutions.
  • We deliver what we promise.
  • We won't deliver anything that we can't guarantee.
  • It's the customer's right to receive a prompt Response.
  • Every customer's request would be honored.
  • If technology exists, every solution can be made.
  • Our working environment must meet the highest professional standards.

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