How To Apply?



Cisco Capital can help your customers finance their entire networking and IT solutions. It's easy, just follow these 4 simple steps.

Step 1 - Lease Quotation

  • Briefly assess your customer credential to ensure financing eligibility (see Credit Requirements section)
  • Offer financing based on our indicative pricing.
    These rates are indicative and subject to credit approval and final details on the solution being financed.

Step 2 - Financing Application Process

  • Complete the Financing Application Form
  • Provide Cisco Capital with the documents required for credit application

Step 3 - Credit Approval and Documents Signing

  • Receive credit response within 3 days
  • Forward signed financing documents together with the invoice and signed Certificate of Acceptance to Cisco Capital
  • Cisco Capital will check all documents and confirms pricing

Step 4 - Commencement of Financing

  • Receive funding from Cisco Capital within 2 days from signing documentation
  • Customers will be invoiced monthly/quarterly and pay Cisco Capital moving forward

To receive the documents you need to offer financing options to your customers, simply click here to download them and send them back to us duly completed.

Let Us Help

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    000 800 100 1364 (Tech Support - Enterprise)
    1800 102 5553 (Tech Support - SMB)
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