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Cisco Inaugurates East African Headquarters in Nairobi

Cisco's East African headquarters to become a Key Strategic Hub to serve Sub- Saharan African Market

Nairobi, Kenya, 27th November 2007 - Cisco® today formally inaugurated its East African (EA) headquarters in Nairobi. The offices, which will be one of the key strategic hubs for the sub-Saharan African market, will also serve as a training and competency centre as well as a reference site. In Sub Saharan Africa, Cisco now has offices in Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Dakar and South Africa.

At a press conference in Nairobi on the 26th November 2007, Cisco® executives outlined the company's commitment to the African market as well as the added value that a strategic focus in the region will bring.

"As Cisco evolves into a truly global company, its presence in Africa is increasingly important given the potential for innovation that utilizes ICT in a completely new way to facilitate growth, innovation and talent. Africa is now embraced to contribute on a global level and Cisco is at the forefront of this," commented Mark de Simone, Vice President for Cisco Middle, East and Africa (MEA).

The launch of our Nairobi office as our East African Headquarters demonstrates Cisco's commitment to the sub-Sahara African region. Cisco's objective is to help countries in emerging Africa to develop ICT strategies for productivity growth and social inclusion. The Nairobi office will be the lynch-pin to enable East African countries to achieve this.

Cisco's commitment to Africa is not just purely in terms of bricks and mortar so the new offices are merely the tip of the iceberg. Cisco's presence in sub-Sahara Africa brings four key values to the region:

  • Firstly, Cisco helps to improve the digital inclusion through its solutions and expertise.
  • Secondly, the company creates local employment through local partnerships and the creation of large networks which are sources of employment and ICT development.
  • Thirdly, Cisco contributes to knowledge transfer through the development of an educated local pool of talent that can build and manage sustained networks in the future. For example, Cisco’s growing number of Networking Academies in Africa offer students an opportunity to pursue IT curricula through online instructor-led training and hands-on lab exercises.  This training allows people to graduate from the academy fully trained and immediately employable thus helping to address the IT skill shortage that is so profound in the region.
  • Last but not least, Cisco’s presence in Africa is helping to reduce the barrier to investment and finances that organizations in the region are facing by brokering the funding for ICT projects.

Shahab Meshki, manager, Regional Sales for Cisco in Nairobi commented; “Nairobi is the right choice for Cisco’s East African headquarters, and we are confident that this will help enable us to spearhead all of Cisco’s East African activity. Furthermore, Kenya has witnessed considerable growth and development in the ICT arena over the past few years and Cisco’s Networking Academy Program in Kenya has enjoyed some remarkable achievements. We will be able to share some of our best practices with our neighboring East African countries. Together we will be able to grow from strength to strength as a region”.

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