Maduka Emelife

General Manager, Africa Nigeria Sales

Maduka Emelife

Maduka Emelife is the Managing Director of Cisco Systems, Nigeria. Maduka joined Cisco from Hewlett Packard Nigeria, where he was the Managing Director.

In the one year since joining Cisco, the Cisco Nigeria business has grown by 108% yoy, and 69% over the fy 06 target. The outlook for fy07 is just as promising.

Maduka has extensive knowledge of the Nigerian Market and of Information, and telecommunications technology, data center applications, enterprise sales, public sector account management, and growth strategies.

He has also held business leadership positions in, Capital Alliance Private Equity managing a portfolio of companies including Linkserve Ltd. in Lagos, Nigeria. Prior to that, Maduka also held leadership and management positions in Dialpad Communications Inc. Santa Clara, CA, Adventis Consulting Inc. Boston MA, Gemini Consulting, Cambridge, MA, Andersen Consulting Minneapolis, MN, and Piper Jaffray, & Hopwood, Inc. Minneapolis, MN.

Maduka holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Harvard Graduate school in Boston and a bachelor's degree in Science from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. With Maduka's appointment Cisco re-enforced our commitment to our strategy of growth in the Nigerian market and to Intelligent Information Networks.

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