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Fast Track Switching

  • Jump on the Fast Track with Cisco high volume switching, routing, wireless, security, and small business products.
  • Get significant savings on Cisco Fast Track accelerator products and turn your network into a competitive advantage.
  • Get performance and reliability while you gain business profitability with Fast Track.

Call 1-866-425-5350 (8am - 8pm Eastern) for more details.

Canada SMB and Mid-Market Customer Financing

Three Year, 0% Financing For Canadian Small and Mid-sized Customers

Designed specifically for SMB and mid-market businesses, this low- rate financing offer provides you with simple finance arrangements to acquire the equipment you need, when you need it with regular, predictable payments

Call 1-866-425-5350 (8am - 8pm Eastern) for more details.

3 Month Deferral (US and Canada)

No Payment and No Interest for 3 Months (all Cisco Solutions)

Give your customers the benefit of turning a large up-front investment into affordable monthly or periodic payments with this special offer

3 Month Deferral for UCS Invicta

Cisco Capital« financing allows your customers to acquire Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Invicta products without a large upfront cash investment, with 3 months free from payments and interest in Canada.

Call 1-866-425-5350 (8am - 8pm Eastern) for more details.

Multi-Year Service Contracts Financing for Canadian Small & Mid-Market Businesses

Cisco Capital is making the acquisition of Cisco services more affordable than ever with an aggressive finance rate of 2.5%.

Call 1-866-425-5350 (8am - 8pm Eastern) for more details.

Collaborate Now; Simplify Your Upgrades.

  • Cisco Collaborate Now provides attractive savings across the entire collaboration portfolio for a wide variety of opportunities. Migrate to the latest on-premises and cloud solutions, and see how video can help simplify and virtualize your business.

Call 1-866-425-5350 (8am - 8pm Eastern) for more details.

Simplify your Network Connectivity and Management with Unified Wired and Wireless

Unified Access Bundles

  • Over 30% off for buying unified access switching and wireless together.
  • Future-proof your network with 802.11ac and the ability to move to converged access when you're ready.

Midmarket Wireless Bundles

  • Feature-effective and cost-effective wireless bundles for smaller deployments (up to 20% discount for buying controller and 5 Access Points together.)

Catalyst 10 Gig Switching Bundles

  • 10G Bundles for Campus Backbone and Access at 1G Pricing
  • Receive up to 27% discount for buying two Backbone switches and 480-1920 Access ports together

One Management, One Policy, One Network

Call 1-866-425-5350 (8am - 8pm Eastern) for more details.