The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a global industry phenomenon that brings together people, processes, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before.

At Cisco, we have built our business on the idea that there is opportunity in things we have yet to experience and, in some cases, have yet to imagine. We encourage open innovation, embrace the notion that many heads are better than one, and support the exploration of new technologies and methods that originate outside the company.

As the Internet of Everything progresses, we are embarking on a journey that will change every part of our lives. For the better.

About the Cisco IoE Innovation Centre Toronto

Cisco IoE Innovation Centres located around the world inspire and showcase local IoE innovation and development. The first of its kind in North America, the Cisco IoE Innovation Centre Toronto helps organizations improve business outcomes by integrating, creating, testing, and validating IoE solutions.

The Cisco IoE Innovation Centre Toronto is designed to transform the status quo by bringing together customers, partners, startups, accelerators, governments, universities, researchers, and open communities to:

  • Showcase and demonstrate the IoE in action
  • Provide physical and virtual laboratories for proof-of-concept work
  • Foster local and global innovation through talent development, university and research partnerships, startup engagements, and investments in local resources (enterprises and people)

Cisco estimates that IoE opportunities will be worth US$400 billion to the Canadian private sector over the next decade. For the public sector, these opportunities could produce US$95 billion in cost savings, new revenues, and employee productivity enhancements over the same period. This state-of-the-art lab, collaboration, and demonstration facility unveils the potential of IoE solutions for Canadian innovation while advancing business efficiencies and social benefits.

We invite you to take a virtual tour.

Pan Am / Parapan Am Games

Cisco is proud to be a supporter and partner of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. As a Premier Partner, Cisco is the exclusive official information and communications technology provider. We will deliver voice, video, and data through our collaboration and high-definition video conferencing solutions such as Cisco TelePresence systems.

Throughout the games, the Cisco IoE Innovation Centre Toronto will serve as our event headquarters. We will be involved in all aspects of the games, supporting productivity, efficiency, collaboration, technology, and innovation. Cisco will also customize the design of fan-engagement solutions to deliver an unprecedented experience. Visit the Cisco games site for more information.

Partner Ecosystem

The Cisco IoE Innovation Centre Toronto links a broad ecosystem of Canadian and worldwide partners creating and delivering solutions for Cisco's IoE platform. The IoE Innovation Centre accelerates the ability of businesses to seize new market opportunities and capture the value in IoE.

Global Developer Program

The Cisco IoE Innovation Centre Toronto is also Canada's hub for DevNet, the global developer program at Cisco. Find more than 100 sets of APIs on the website. Developers can create applications that enhance or manage Cisco networks. They can also develop apps to sell to customers.

The IoE Innovation Centre helps interested companies, autonomous developers, and startups speed the development of projects based on Cisco solutions. DevNet adds to the Centre's toolset for IoE-focused projects and helps foster the growth of the local innovation ecosystem.


At Cisco, we are committed to actively engaging within our communities to help mentor and develop new leaders and innovators. The IoE Innovation Centre helps Canadian technology startups build IoE solutions using Cisco technologies.

This program is part of our ongoing commitment to driving innovation in Canada. In June 2014, Cisco Canada unveiled the Cisco Canada Innovation Program, a strategy to invest CAD$150 million to support and speed up innovation in Canada. Cisco Investments will help startups accelerate the impact of their innovations by providing direct access to Cisco customers, partners, business leaders, and Cisco IT.

University Engagement

Over the past three years, Cisco Canada has invested in research projects at Canadian Universities and institutions. The purpose of these investments is to lead research and innovation in the application of Cisco technology to meet some of the most important needs of Canadian industries such as:

  • Energy conservation
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and gas
  • Education
  • Intergovernmental and interagency cooperation

Within the IoE Innovation Centre, collaboration with local universities centers on:

  • Engaging and supporting student talent through internship opportunities
  • Connecting university research chairs with Cisco
  • Developing joint training programs with the Cisco Networking Academy program


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