Cisco Center of Innovation - Rio de Janeiro

Cisco Rio Center of Innovation

The Cisco Rio Center of Innovation is not a solo initiative, rather it is part of the Brazil Investment Package announced in April, 2012. In collaboration with key regional players, the Brazil Leadership Team has developed a comprehensive transformational strategy of which the Center of Innovation in Rio is a key component and will be launched in June, 2013.

Designed to develop new vertical solutions tailored to the Brazilian market, this center will be the second of its kind in the world completely dedicated to Cisco verticals solutions. The goal is to leverage the current unique window of opportunity in Brazil and increase Cisco´s vertical relevance in the country, demonstrating its leadership in the "Internet of Everything".

The Cisco Rio Center of Innovation enables Cisco and an ecosystem of local partners to develop local solutions by integrating Cisco's platform with its partners' technology, applications and content. Where appropriate, Cisco will also look to partner with local government, academic and investment organizations for relevance and scalability.

The center will feature demonstration pods dedicated to each of these key verticals:

  • Urban Development
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Smart Grid
  • Education
  • Health
  • Public Safety & Security

TelePresence and Collaboration TelePresence conference rooms, two customer briefing spaces, an e-cafe and lounge area make this a world-class demonstration and briefing center designed to showcase Cisco's vertical solutions to its customers and partners.

If you would like to visit the Center, please arrange a time with your Cisco Account Manager. Be sure to reserve at least half a day to see everything the Center has to offer you.

For more information on the center or this initiative, please contact: Lúcio Moraes Leite, Program Manager Rio Center of Innovation.

Come discover the Centers of Innovation and Demonstration in Rio de Janeiro! (PDF 1,256 KB)

The Cisco Demonstration Center is a world-class demonstration and briefing center designed to showcase industry solutions on our "Internet of Everything" platform . The center is physically organized with demonstration pods dedicated to different industry verticals. The center also includes a traditional telepresence room, a collaboration telepresence room, 2 customer briefing rooms, and an e-cafe and lounge area.

Our demonstration pods provide an immersive experience to those who visit. We currently display pods dedicated to the areas of:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Sport & Entertainment
  • Smart Grid
  • Oil and Gas
  • Public Security

In addition, our "flexible demonstration area" will feature solutions in Connected Real Estate, Remote Expert and others.

The Demonstration Center is located in the same premise as our Innovation Center. This allows us to easily set up and support our newest solutions developed and integrated along with local partners.

Our briefing rooms are spacious and equipped with the latest video and audio technology. Our lab and data center, completely visible through the demonstration area provide an impressive view of the power of Cisco´s technology.

If you are interested in visiting our demonstration center or taking your customers through it, please contact your Cisco Sales or Partner Representative. Demonstrations and briefing sessions can only be scheduled by Cisco employees.


At Cisco, we believe in a society of continual learning. The best educational systems prepare people to achieve success as productive and engaged members of society. Education is transforming at an unprecedented rate and Cisco can help educators meet this challenge. Cisco Connected Learning is the foundation of next generation education that will equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world. With innovative solutions, Cisco and its partners are integrating technology and a new generation of learning tools to expand collaboration opportunities for students, teachers and administrators with access to a wider range of educational resources in real time. Collaboration tools and advanced video support built into the network can transform learning and expand access to quality education that positions schools and universities at the center of intelligent communities.

Sports and Entertainment

Sport and Entertainment venues, leagues, teams and universities around the world are taking advantage of the power of the Cisco Connected Stadium Solution to offer a personalized experience to its fans and are discovering a competitive advantage with new growth opportunities. Behind all of this is a unique and sustainable network of global sport and entertainment leaders that makes such an experience possible. The Cisco Connected Stadium Solution empowers stadiums across the globe to respond to continually evolving market trends and fans' thirst for next generation sport and entertainment experiences, while capitalizing current and future growth opportunities. The Cisco Connected Stadium is a highly scalable, secure network designed specifically for sports and entertainment venues to bring together all forms of access, communications, entertainment and operations onto a single innovative platform. It provides the flexibility needed to deliver enhanced fan experiences, generate new revenue streams and streamline day-to-day operations in a cost-effective and efficient fashion. Our continuous investment in research and development, specialized in engineering innovation and focused on providing a superior fan experience, affords Cisco the unique position of being the only company in the world able to offer a personalized technology platform for the sports and entertainment industry.


A world leader in networks, Cisco is very well positioned to help better the future of medicine through connected technologies that transform how people access and share information. Cisco technologies can benefit all interested parties, from patients to hospitals, collaborators and medical organizations. Cisco Connected Health enables the collaboration of the entire medical team as it improves business efficiency and promotes higher quality treatment. On average, today's hospital networks run more than 300 applications. Patient information is dispersed across different systems and public and private entities, which can make it difficult and expensive for medical professionals to share vital clinical patient information. Cisco simplifies communication in healthcare using a network of interoperable technologies that connect patients with medical providers, collaborators and life science organizations, empowering the collaboration of local and remote medical teams to examine patients. Cisco Connected Health Solution connects critical information, people and knowledge to improve the overall healthcare experience.

Smart Grid

Electric utility companies around the world face the challenge of modernizing obsolete and decrepit infrastructures to deliver power more reliably and more efficiently. A world leader in networks, Cisco, together with its partners, is helping the energy industry construct secure IP-based networks to efficiently manage demand generation, distribution, storage and consumption of electrical energy. Cisco Smart Grid is a combination of products, technology, services and an ecosystem of partners that optimize communication, improve resiliency and reduce the complexity and operational costs of the energy network. The communication of integrated data with the electrical grid enables electrical system operators to manage, collect and analyze data on energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption in real time. With the convergence of monitoring and control systems in a single IP network, it's possible to reduce operational costs and guarantee a higher priority for the operational network and traffic management. This network convergence also can minimize blackouts and service interruptions while reducing response times to rapidly identify, isolate, diagnose and repair failures.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Exploring oil reserves sustainably, safely and with maximum use of the reserves is the objective of oil companies and society. In Brazil, we are contributing to the technological advance in deep water oil exploration and increasingly IT and communication will play a fundamental role in enhancing productivity and operational efficiency in exploration and production. Cisco offers communication solutions that permit the collaboration of on- and offshore field teams to empower oil companies to engage specialists remotely in mission critical activities. The technological advance of Cisco network solutions also enables sophisticated applications to track individuals on platforms and in refineries, a key component in personnel security policy. With a Cisco integrated network architecture and collaboration the oil supply chain becomes more efficient from well to pump.

Public Security

The concept of modern public security is based more on agility, intelligence and the precise application of all available resources than the simple use of force. The integration of computer systems, video monitoring and radio communication on a single platform based on open networks and IP protocol has been the great technological triumph in the pursuit of this objective. Cisco has played a fundamental role in this transformation, enabling the convergence of data, voice and image in a single environment that ensures the interoperability of new and legacy systems, optimized resources, accelerating the adoption of new technologies and sustaining more efficient and effective operational procedures at all stages of the security process. Together this translates into safer communities and a higher quality of life for its members.

Innovation Center

Rio Innovation Center is an environment designed to drive innovation through the development and integration of industry solutions over our "Internet of Everything" platform. These solutions are tailored to the needs of Brazil and other similar markets.

The Center of innovation is designed to enable Cisco and local private and public sector parties to collaborate in the development of local solutions. With state of the art lab, data center, partner incubation and collaboration rooms, Cisco is proud to integrate its solutions with third party technology, applications and content. In addition, Cisco´s "Internet of Everything" exchange platform provides and easy and reliable way for third party organizations to develop solutions and applications tailored to their specific markets. Projects undertaken in the Center will be very much focused on identified market needs.

At Cisco we believe in the power of communities that are smart and connected. We have the technology, knowledge and expertise to drive true transformation in Urban Development, Smart Grid, Safety and Security, Healthcare, Education, Sports and Entertainment, Oil and Gas, and others. Together with our innovation partners we drive transformative local innovation.


Rio Center of Innovation


COI Rio – Cisco Center of Innovation 
Av. Presidente Vargas, 1001 /12th floor
Centro - Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil


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