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As well as the global Cisco training and events, Cisco Belgium organises regularly it's own events specifically for Cisco Belgium clients and partners.

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In order to optimise your Cisco network investment and remain competitive, companies require qualified professionals who can design, install and manage an integrated network solution. Through a global network of uniquely qualified Learning Partners and their Sponsored Organizations (SOs), Cisco provides the necessary training.

Cisco Learning Partners and their SOs are the only authorized commercial source for Cisco training and work closely with Cisco to deliver high-quality, up-to-date training customized to meet your needs.

Cisco Career Certification is universally recognised as the industry standard for network design and support, enabling increasing levels of technical proficiency and customer satisfaction. Cisco certification ensures a high standard of technical expertise and credibility.

Cisco Learning Credits are a form of pre-paid training and the unrivaled ability to purchase, redeem and manage Cisco authorized training, enabling you to address your training needs at the time of the equipment purchase and get the most out of your Cisco network investment.

For a list of Cisco Learning Partners in Belgium, please click here.

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Events Cisco Belgium