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Services Alliances

Partnerships That Deliver Consistent and Effective IT Support

Cisco Global Services Alliances combine the forces of Cisco and highly-qualified strategic partners to offer our customers consistent and effective IT support throughout their networks' lifecycle.

Global Services Alliances


With the Global Services Alliance partner's unique understanding of the customer's business, plus deep network expertise from Cisco, customers have the support they need for maximum network uptime. Review the at-a-glance document and eligibility requirements below to learn more about what is required to become a Cisco Global Services Alliance Partner.

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Eligibility Requirements

To qualify as a Cisco Global Services Alliance Partner, a candidate must be a multinational partner in the U.S. & Canada, Japan and also two of the following theaters: Emerging, European, or APAC. In addition, each candidate must have a Global Commerce Specialization, and must sell more than $400 USD million net annually in global bookings of Cisco products and services.

Global Services Alliance Partners

Learn more about our Global Services Alliance partners:

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