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Cisco Partner Growth Gateway: A strategic framework for Partners to identify opportunities and grow business.

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The Cisco Partner Growth Gateway features a powerful, easy-to-use framework that structures Cisco’s marketing programs, incentives and promotions, partner enablement assets, and training resources around seven partner growth strategies.

Framework for growth

These 7 strategies have been identified as being key to helping businesses identify opportunities, expand and increase market share:

  • Use it, Know it
  • Customer migration
  • Competitive switch-out
  • Hunting for new business
  • Cross-sell and attach
  • Focus on solution selling
  • Developing a new practice

By organizing Cisco assets according to tangible business outcomes, the Partner Growth Gateway helps you make full use of all available resources, allowing you to obtain the greatest value from your partnership with Cisco.

Grow at your own pace

With the Partner Growth Gateway, you enjoy the ability to self-serve your needs with all current and relevant Cisco assets at your disposal. Let’s say, for example, you want to increase UC sales by mining your current installed base. The Gateway retrieves the relevant Cisco tools to help you uncover UC opportunities within the installed base. You will see the latest offers and promotions with relevant sales brochures/demand-gen materials for new UC products.

The Partner Growth Gateway integrates assets from all parts of the Cisco business, giving you end-to-end support from the start of a sales cycle engagement to after-sales support. Based on your inputs, the Gateway generates a customized Execution Pack with links to relevant Cisco assets that will fulfil your needs, greatly simplifying your ease of doing business with Cisco.

Ultimately, the Gateway puts you in control with a framework to plan for business growth. With powerful, relevant Cisco assets and resources easily accessible, you can now execute on your growth strategies at a time of your own choosing.

Assets & resources

Cisco assets and resources available through the Partner Growth Gateway include:

  • Partner Enablement tools and resources
  • Promotional offers
  • Demand-generation tools and campaign assets
  • Cisco Incentive Programs
  • Knowledge base of competitive resources

The Cisco Partner Growth Gateway advantage

  1. Enhance growth and profitability
    The Gateway’s framework aligns Cisco assets with seven proven growth strategies, and highlights the relevant incentive programs to leverage for greater profitability.
  2. Easier to do business with Cisco
    A structured approach to building your Cisco business and enhanced direct access to Cisco assets simplifies the ease of doing business with Cisco. It saves you time by finding what you need and showing you how each Cisco asset can be used to further your objectives.
  3. Greater control
    With Cisco Partner Growth Gateway, you chart the best course for your business by choosing the most suitable growth strategies and deciding when and how you want to execute these strategies.

How it works

  1. Explore each of the seven growth strategies.
  2. The interactive online tool will prompt you to enter specific information based on your business priorities and competitive situation.
  3. Based on your inputs, the tool generates a customized Execution Pack, which lists current and relevant Cisco assets and incentive programs, aligned to your business priorities and needs, and organized according to the stages of a typical sales cycle.
  4. Draw up your plan of action based on this Execution Pack.
  5. Consult your CAM to refine your plan.

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