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easylease means easy financing

easylease - Information for Cisco Partners

Cisco’s easylease financing program is designed to address budget constraints and allow your customers to focus on the technology they need, rather than what their budgets dictate. With straightforward, simple terms and competitive rates, our financing options enable your customers to deploy state-of-the-art intelligent networks and solutions to compete and grow, while at the same time increasing profitability and cash flow for you.

The program offers powerful benefits to Cisco partners targeting the small and medium sized business market:

  • 1% introduction fee to you on every transaction written
  • very attractive repayment terms for your customers
  • simple application and documentation process
  • Minimum deal size is $5,000
  • market-leading response times for finance applications
  • daily settlement of transactions
  • dedicated sales and support team to answer queries

With easylease, you can strengthen and develop your customer relationships, resulting in higher sales volumes and larger transactions.

easylease consists of payment solutions to suit your customer needs. With financing options ranging from two to five years, your customers can finance their complete technology solution, manage their cash flow and take advantage of new technology with maximum flexibility and low upfront cost.

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Benefits for Cisco Channel Partners

Cisco’s easylease program opens up new opportunities for you to increase your revenue while developing deeper relationships with your customers. Best of all, the financing options are simple to use for all parties. Here are some benefits:

Make selling easier: Using the easylease program provides you with a highly persuasive sales tool to overcome the biggest customer objection - price! You will no longer only have to quote the upfront capital cost of the full solution; instead you can quote manageable monthly or quarterly payments to your customers.

Differentiate you from the competition: Acquisition options from easylease are extremely competitive. The easylease program addresses your customers' financing and technology needs simultaneously. This helps you to stand out from your peers and win more business.

Protect margins, prevent high discounting: By taking the focus away from the cash price of the solution towards manageable monthly or quarterly payments, customers are far less likely to enter into discount discussions.

Improves customer retention and repeat business: easylease acts as an early warning system for you. When your customer wants to acquire further technology, they will approach the easylease team to adjust their finance agreement and we will then inform you immediately, and provide you with a sales opportunity.

How do I apply for Cisco’s easylease program?

The first step in becoming an easylease financing partner is to download, sign and send back to us the straightforward easylease Supplier Agreement. This only needs to be signed on a one-off basis and effectively authorises you to enter into financing discussions with your customers. Please sign it, and email it to

Then just follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1 - Finance Quotation

We briefly assess your customers' credentials to ensure financing eligibility . We then provide an indicative quote. You can also use our lease rate card (Australia) (New Zealand) – please note that this tool provides you with an estimate only.

Step 2 - Financing Application Process

Complete the Financing Application Form and provide the easylease team with all the documents required for credit application.

Step 3 - Credit Approval and Documents Signing

Once you forward the signed documents together with your customer invoice and signed Certificate of Acceptance, we will check all documents and confirm pricing with you. You will receive a credit response to your application within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 4 - Commencement of Financing

You will receive funding from the Cisco easylease team shortly after customer sign off (signed letter of acceptance). On a monthly basis your customer will be billed by DLL.

All information and completed documents should be sent direct to the Cisco easylease team.

Cisco easylease ANZ
De Lage Landen Pty Ltd
Level 20
201 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 1800 664 703 (Australia)
        0800 453 226 (New Zealand)

Fax: +61 2 9113 5222


Easy financing with easylease

Q: What is easylease?
A: Cisco easylease is a competitive financing program offered by Cisco Capital (through finance partner De Lage Landen Pty Ltd (DLL)) that provides you with straightforward and simple terms to finance the IT needs of your small and medium sized business customers.
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Q: How much can be financed with easylease?
A: Your customers can use easylease for Cisco-based solutions ranging from $5,000 up to $250,000.
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Q: Can customers upgrade or expand their equipment during the lease term?
A: Yes, your customers can upgrade or add-on equipment during, or at the end of, the lease term. We will simply adjust either the lease payments, or the term of the agreement.
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Q: What are the end-of-term options for customers?
A: For operating leases, customers can either:
· Extend the lease period
· Upgrade or replace with new equipment
· Purchase the equipment at fair market value
· Return the equipment with no further payments required
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Q: Are customer payments tax deductible?
A: Customers should check with their Accountant, but most payments under a lease plan are considered tax-deductible operating expenses.
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Q: Do customers still pay me (as the Cisco Partner) for the solution?
A: No. Once the chosen finance plan is in place, DLL will pay you the full solution amount within 24 to 48 hours of receiving all your completed documentation from the customer. The customer then pays DLL the ongoing monthly amount.
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Q: Can the customer finance all their IT needs or just the Cisco portion?
A: easylease is designed to support Cisco solutions, but the plan will cover complete solution needs under a single payment stream - including non-Cisco equipment.
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Q: What happens if a customer damages their equipment?
A: Most equipment will initially be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. But beyond that, customers are expected to keep the equipment in good working order, and will be responsible for repairs and maintenance.
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Q: Can the customer cancel or terminate their agreement early?
A: A lease agreement cannot be cancelled, but customers can terminate before the end of the term by paying the balance of the payments due. Special consideration can also be given in the event of an upgrade to a new Cisco solution.
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Q: How quickly do I receive payment of my invoice?
A: Upon receipt of all correctly completed paperwork, payment will be made to you within 24 to 48 hours.
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Q: How can I find out more details on EasyLease for my customer?
A: Speak to your easylease or Cisco Account Manager and they will be happy to provide more information, or talk you further through the process. You can also get your customer to visit:
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For any enquiries, please contact us and an easylease representative will help you with the information you require.

Cisco easylease ANZ
De Lage Landen Pty Ltd
Level 20
201 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 1800 664 703
        0800 453 226 (New Zealand)

Fax: +61 2 9113 5222


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