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End of Life for Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Release 4.0 - No. 877

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Product Bulletin - No. 877

RAM Memory Upgrade


End-of-Life Schedule

Product Bulletin - No. 877

End of Life for PIX Firewall Release 4.0

Software release 4.0 for the PIX Firewall[tm] has reached its End of Life milestone, effective 3/8/99. This software release is being removed from CCO, effective immediately.

This end of life serves several purposes:

1. To simplify the task of selecting software for customers and account managers by reducing the number of releases concurrently available.

2. To encourage customers to operate their firewalls with more current software releases, and

3. To improve software support by reducing the number of versions currently available.

It is recommended that all customers currently running Cisco PIX Firewall Release 4.0 upgrade their software to version 4.2(4) or 4.3(2). Cisco recommends that customers upgrade to Version 4.2(4), the general deployment release.

RAM Memory Upgrade

PIX software versions 4.3 and greater require a minimum of 16MB RAM memory. Older PIX Firewalls with only 8MB RAM memory require a memory upgrade if version 4.3 software or later is used. The memory upgrade is not necessary for PIX10000, PIX-510, or PIX-520 models, which already have 16MB of memory or more.

A 128MB upgrade for the PIX Firewall series is now available in two memory upgrade kits. Please use the guide below to determine which upgrade to order. Note that these parts are physically different; one kit is not a replacement for the other.

Table 1  PIX Memory Upgrade Part Numbers

Part Numbers

For PIX and PIX10000


For PIX-510 and PIX-520


Cisco will continue to provide support for this release through the SMARTnet service program. Customers with SMARTnet service contracts are entitled to 24 hour phone support through the Technical Assistance Center and advance replacement of hardware. Cisco is committed to supporting this release for a period of three years after the End-of-Life announcement.

End-of-Life Schedule

Last CCO Download Date: March 8, 1999
Last Support Date: March 8, 2002

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Chris Blask at