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Cisco IP/VC 3500 Series Gateway Version 2.0

Product Bulletin No. 2140

New Product Orderability Announcement:
Cisco IP/VC 3500 Series Gateway Version 2.0

April 7, 2003

The IP Communication Business Unit is pleased to announce availability of its new IP/VC videoconferencing gateway version 2.0. Videoconferencing gateways bridge the gap between the installed base of ISDN videoconferencing systems and the rapidly growing number of IP-based H.323 systems by translating calls from ISDN to IP (and IP to ISDN) to reach video endpoints on the IP network. The gateway connectivity enables worldwide reach and greater return on investments in existing ISDN equipment.

IP/VC gateway version 2.0 introduces new advanced features designed to provide high quality, high availability call management with enhanced packet handling and integrated network resource management. Overall, these improvements will raise the level of reliability, functionality and quality of a videoconferencing meeting.

The new gateway version 2.0 is available on these IP/VC gateway platforms:



New Product Benefits

Increased Call Quality

Enhanced QoS through variable delay packet handling

Support for Tandberg Duo Video

Support for H.263+ and H.263+ + for higher video quality

Wideband audio support (G.722.1)

Support for video modes: VGA, XVGA, SVGA, SIF, 4SIF, 4CIF and 16CIF

Intelligent Network Management

Load balancing among multiple gateways (RAI/RAC)

Traffic load balancing for T1 PRI lines among multiple gateways

Call "down speeding" upon failure of ISDN B-channel during call setup or mid-call

Automatic un-registration of gateway from gatekeeper during ISDN network problem

Automatic re-registration with gatekeeper upon recovery of ISDN connectivity

Full suite of SNMP traps, statistics, call monitoring, and resource utilization indicators

Improved Security

Configurable security levels for IT management allowing or preventing Telnet, SNMP, PING and FTP

Customer Benefits

Productivity Tool—Videoconferencing is a proven tool reducing customer travel costs and unproductive time while enhancing meeting capabilities and increasing employee productivity. The videoconferencing gateway allows for worldwide connectivity of videoconferencing solutions.

Return on Investment—Customers can increase the return on their network investment by converging voice, video and data solutions across one network. Videoconferencing gateways are a shared resource on the network helping to reduce costly ISDN connection to each end point.

Greater Flexibility—With IP, deploy videoconferencing systems and endpoints anywhere you have an IP network connection. The videoconferencing gateway allows customers to migrate to IP videoconferencing at their own pace by allowing communication between their new and old videoconferencing networks.

Improved Management—Gateway version 2.0 improves the look and feel of the interactive graphic user interface (GUI) making management and access to system information simple and intuitive.

Target Markets


Small, medium and large enterprises and remote offices of large organizations

Vertical Markets:

Financial, Government, Education, Commercial and Manufacturing

Product Availability

FCS: April 7, 2003

IPVC-3526-GW-1P and IPVC-3540-GW-2P

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Part Number

ISDN H.320 to IP H.323 videoconferencing gateway includes two PRI Ports with optional audio transcoding


ISDN H.320 to IP H.323 videoconferencing gateway includes one PRI (T1/E1) with audio transcoding


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