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University of British Columbia is making buildings smart with digital analytics: a transformational project that fosters sustainability and enables huge savings at low investment.

Mobile video consultations save critical minutes

Increase doctor-patient time while maintaining business efficiency

"There are obvious benefits to our community in the level and speed of care we’re able to provide. It cuts down on time spent in the car getting to the hospital. If I’m at home and get a call at 8:30 p.m., Cape Coral Hospital is at least 25 minutes away. Now I can make my assessment within about 10 minutes of the patient presenting to the ER."

Dr. William Carracino, Neurologist, Lee Memorial Health System

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Building one of the most sophisticated and connected office buildings on the planet that anticipates the needs of its occupants. RBC Waterpark Place, powered by Cisco

Branch teller workload sharing

Branch teller workload sharing

Virtual teller machines offer branch-based self-service, allowing tellers to remotely serve customers

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The Smart+Connected City of Mississuaga

The Smart+Connected City of Mississuaga

"Just about every piece of equipment the city buys has the ability to connect to a wireless network. Snowplows, buses, fire trucks, HVAC units, and traffic lights are all capable of transmitting real-time data. Collecting and using that data to make better decisions will enable more responsive and efficient operations."

Shawn Slack, Director Information Technology and Chief Information Office, City of Mississauga

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