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Introducing the Cisco UKI healthcare team

Welcome to the Cisco Healthcare page. Find out more about how Cisco is working in partnership with the NHS, to address the challenges faced by the health and care sector.

Digital Strategy for Connected Health and Care

At Cisco we believe that digital transformation is critical to building a sustainable health and care system – one where digital technology is central to business planning. To find out more, please download our white papers.

The move to integrated health and care, is dictating a need for more effective partnering, and the delivery of new models of care. Combined with the backdrop of cost pressures, and subsequent need for operational efficiencies, means that once again that technology is in the spotlight. At Cisco, we believe that digital transformation is critical to building a sustainable health and care system; one where digital technology is central to business planning.

New Models of Care

An ageing population, and chronic disease management, are just two of the factors changing the way health and care is delivered. In the age of the Internet of Everything (IoE) more ‘things’ will become connected; supporting independent living, and improving the amount of information available, while collaboration technologies can help extend the reach of health and care professionals.

Operational Excellence

Workplace transformation, and workforce optimisation, are key components of any efficiency programme. Digital technology should be core to these initiatives, whether it be the design of the workplace, or agile working technologies, supporting location independence.

Effective Partnering

In order to make integrated health and care a reality, effective partnering will become ever more critical; between Providers, Commissioners, Social Care, the Third Sector, and the public at large. Where planned into business process change, digital technologies such as video, and collaboration tools, can ensure a high quality experience, bringing stakeholders together across the health and care economy.

Building Health and Care Communities

Increasingly, health and care organisations are moving towards a whole system approach, where communities are built that share resources, and can collaborate more effectively. New Cloud IT service models can underpin this way of working, where investments are re-exploited for multiple use cases, and closer collaboration.



  • Digital Technology at the heart of the NHS - Download here (PDF - 528 KB)
  • Tackling the Ransomware Threat - Download here (PDF - 581 KB)

Case Studies

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