Digital Manufacturing

The factory of the future is already here.

On the road to digitisation

More securely connect your machines and assets to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and improve quality.

  • Saved by reducing downtime

    Saved by reducing downtime

    Source: Making Machines More Connected and Intelligent
  • Improved productivity
  • Increase in cyber attacks on MFG

    Increase in cyber attacks on MFG

    Source: Reuters

Digital manufacturing in action

Watch how Cisco is combining new technologies with the Cisco Spark collaboration tools to drive productivity improvements in Manufacturing.

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I need to...

Connect my factory

Reduce downtime, increase productivity, and maintain industry compliance.

Connect my machines

Optimise processes, improve overall equipment effectiveness, and secure operations.

Connect my supply chain

Innovate, drive faster decision-making, reduce risk, and improve supply chain visibility.

Digitise your operations

A manager and employee on the factory floor

Outcomes of early adopters

Manufacturers are already making progress on their digital manufacturing journeys.

The potential of digitisation

The potential of digitisation

View the business outcomes that result from adopting industrial technology.

Automate plans and processes

Automate plans and processes

To support more agile and efficient factory floors, Benteler and Cisco created a next-gen production environment of automated plants.

 Get industrial-strength security

Get industrial-strength security

Protect your assets as you gain production flexibility and plant-floor visibility.

Future-proofing the plant floor

Future-proofing the plant floor

See how Weetabix kept its network up to date and flexible

Manufacturing thought leadership

Manufacturing thought leadership

Set yourself apart with new service-oriented revenue models with connected machines.

Get full visibility and control

Get full visibility and control

Use Cisco Industrial Network Director to see into more devices in your network.

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