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2017-02-20 – Paul Beyleveld

Cybersecurity in Africa – Practical & Simple Tips on How to Protect from Online Threats

Paul Beyleveld

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2017-02-20 Cybersecurity in Africa – Practical & Simple Tips on How to Protect from Online Threats
By Paul Beyleveld – Cybersecurity Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Southern Africa
In today’s hyper-connected world, the real question isn’t if a security breach will happen but when. And breaches mean loss of money, time and customers, on top of outages. Thus the question is how do you as an individual, or organization, protect yourself from cyberattacks.


2016-12-14 Every organization will experience Cybercrime
By Abdelilah Nejjari, GM for Cisco Maghreb
The rise of technology has presented new challenges for Morocco and Africa as a whole. One such risk that requires direct attention and action is cybercrime. Cybersecurity experts predict that 80% of Africa’s PC’s are infected by viruses and malicious software.
2016-11-17 Why 5G is a lot more than just 4G on steroids?
By Stefano Mattiello, Cisco Director for Global Services Providers
Last September, the United Nations’ information and communication technologies agency ITU shared its vision of a 5G mobile broadband connected society of the year 2020
2016-11-17 Nigeria Financial Services industry one of the most affected by cybercrime, says Cisco
By Olakunle Oloruntimehin, General Manager, Cisco Nigeria
Cybersecurity Awareness month has highlighted that African countries need to urgently scale up efforts to combat cybercrimes through a multi-stakeholder approach involving government, industry, private and civil society organizations
2016-10-26 Digital Transformation to Lead Maghreb & WCA to a Region Reimagined, says Cisco
By Abdelilah Nejjari, GM for Cisco Maghreb
As we move from the Information Era to the Digital Era, the network continues to grow in relevance. If the network foundation crumbles, the business will be crippled.