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Cisco Connected Health

The Cisco Connected Health Solution facilitates collaboration among staff and clinicians and efficient communication with patients and family members to improve the quality of care.

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Solutions Portfolio

Cisco Connected Imaging Solutions
Optimize imaging workflow and image access.

Cisco Care-at-a-Distance Solutions
Support clinical care unbounded by distance, physical location or setting.

Cisco Clinical Workflow Solutions
Streamline workflows and improve communication among clinicians.

Cisco Healthcare Technology Foundations
Comprehensive healthcare IT infrastructure solutions that enable security, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Cisco Smart Healthcare Facility Solutions
Enable hospitals to reduce capital and operating expenses of their facilities.

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Explore the latest healthcare innovations through videos and case studies.

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Featured Content

Borderless Networks
Simplify medical networks and allow healthcare providers to improve patient care, optimize service delivery, reduce medical errors, and control spending.

Cisco Medical Grade Network Poster
Providing foundational architectures for healthcare. (PDF - 4.6 MB)

Cisco BioMed NAC Pop-up
Automate connecting biomedical, IT, and guest devices on the hospital network. (Video - 3:16 min)

Cisco Connected Imaging Demo
Virtualize and optimize images in a medical archive, making them available anywhere across a healthcare enterprise. (Video - 6:00 min)

Cisco Mobility Solutions
Provide caregivers with access to patient information, hospital services, and each other, from any location.

Context-Aware Healthcare
Increase efficiency and create a better patient experience.

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