Broadband Cable Services

Broadband Cable Services

Manage integration, migration and optimization challenges with the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach to accelerate success of your broadband cable solutions.

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Planning, Design, Implementation and Optimization Services

Cisco Broadband Cable Planning Service

The Cisco Broadband Cable Planning service helps you produce an efficient design, avoid design errors by assisting in assessing critical architecture elements and evaluating the network infrastructure and its capacity to support the increased demands of cable services.

Cisco Broadband Cable Design Service

The Cisco Broadband Cable Design service assists you in enhancing the performance, resiliency, and availability of your cable solution by developing a comprehensive detailed design that meets business and technical requirements.

Cisco Broadband Cable Implementation Service

The Cisco Broadband Cable Implementation service helps you integrate devices without disrupting the existing network or creating points of vulnerability by delivering staging, testing, installation, configuration, integration and validation services.

Cisco Broadband Cable Optimization Service

The Cisco Broadband Cable Optimization service helps you achieve a cable solution that is adaptable and positioned to handle new or changing business requirements by delivering ongoing consultative support and conducting quarterly formal assessments to uncover potential operational and performance issues.

Operate Services

  • Cisco SP Base and SP Base Onsite
    Tailored for Service Providers, this service provides registered access to for online technical assistance, access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Cisco OS Software updates and upgrades, and advance replacement of failed hardware.
  • Cisco SMARTnet Service
    An award-winning technical support service that gives you direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources, Cisco SMARTnet Service delivers rapid issue resolution, flexible device-by-device coverage, and premium service options to help you maximize operational efficiency.
  • Cisco Software Application Support Services
    Cisco Software Application Services (SAS) and Software Application Services plus Upgrades (SASU) maximize the value of your application technology with around-the-clock access to technical support and software upgrades and updates.

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