Wide Area Application Services Planning & Design Service

Consolidate, Optimize, and Improve Application Responsiveness

The Cisco WAAS Planning and Design Service helps you accelerate deployment of Cisco WAAS solutions and improve application responsiveness across your wide area network. This service helps you get into production quickly while delivering the application performance and reliability that you require to stay competitive. The Cisco WAAS Planning and Design Service speeds the identification and resolution of planning, design, and implementation issues by addressing your requirements for migrating branch-office servers and data-protection functions to your data center so you can:

  • Integrate your technical and design goals to create a customized Cisco WAAS design to improve remote office access to applications over your WAN
  • Quickly identify and resolve planning and design issues so you can reduce the inher-ent risks in changing your IT infrastructure
  • Deploy a Cisco WAAS solution that delivers the features and functions you expect on time and on budget
  • Expand your IT staff's knowledge of Cisco WAAS solutions through access to Cisco experts and resources

Cisco Wide Area Application Services Planning and Design Service is part of Cisco Data Center Networking Planning and Design Services.