Administration Guide for Cisco Virtualization Experience Client 2111/2211 PCoIP Firmware Release 4.0.2
On Screen Display Functionality
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On Screen Display Functionality

On Screen Display Functionality

The On Screen Display (OSD) local GUI appears on the client when the device is powered on and a PCoIP session is not in progress.

OSD Options menu

There are five pages available from the Options menu:

  • Configuration: This option lets you configure various aspects for the device, such as the network settings, peer connection, session parameters, and so on.
  • Diagnostics: This option helps you troubleshoot the device.
  • Information: This option lets you view certain details about the device.
  • User Settings: This option lets the user define mouse and keyboard settings, as well as the PCoIP protocol image quality.
  • Password: This option lets you update the administrative password for the device.
Figure 1. OSD Options Menu