Agent Greeting and Whisper Announcement Feature Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Release 9.0(1)
How Whisper Announcement works
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How Whisper Announcement works

How Whisper Announcement works

This chapter describes how the Whisper Announcement feature works.

Whisper Announcement Audio File

You store and serve your Whisper Announcement audio files from the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE) media server. Wave (.wav) is the only supported file type. The maximum play time for a Whisper Announcement is subject to a timeout. If the timeout is reached, play terminates regardless of the actual length of the wave file. The default timeout is 15 seconds. In practice, you may want your messages to be much shorter than that, in approximately 5 seconds or less, to shorten your call-handling time.

While a Whisper Announcement Is Playing

Only one Whisper Announcement can play for each call. While a Whisper Announcement is playing, you cannot put the call on hold, transfer, conference, or release the call, or request supervisor assistance. These features become available again after the whisper is complete.

Whisper Announcement with Transfers and Conference Calls

When an agent transfers or initiates a conference call to another agent, the second agent hears a whisper, assuming that the number dialed to reach the second agent is configured to hear them. In the case of consultative transfers or conferences, while the whisper plays, the caller hears music or whatever is configured to play during hold. The first agent hears ringing. In the case of blind transfers, the caller hears ringing while the whisper announcement plays.

Whisper Announcement call flow

Following is a Whisper Announcement call flow diagram accompanied by a description of the steps.

1. CVP receives a new call from the PSTN.

2 - 3. CVP sends the new call to the VRU PIM and the VRU PIM sends the new call to the Unified CCE router.

4. If an agent is available, the router reserves the agent.

5 - 6. The router sends a label with a whisper prompt to CVP.

7. CVP sends the call to Unified CM.

8 - 9. The agent receives and answers the call.

10. Unified CM sends the established event to the agent PIM. The agent PIM holds the event until the Whisper Announcement is done playing.

11. CVP tells the VXML gateway to play ringback to the caller and the Whisper Announcement to the agent. After the Whisper Announcement plays, CVP connects the agent to the customer and notifies Unified CCE.

12. The agent PIM gets notification that Whisper Announcement is complete and sends the established event to the agent desktop.

Whisper Announcement Reporting and Serviceability

Whisper time is not specifically broken out in Unified CCE reports. In agent, skill group, and Precision Queue reports, the period during which the announcement plays is reported as Reserved agent state time. In the Termination Call Detail records, it is treated as Ring Time.

Serviceability for Whisper Announcement includes system events to indicate reasons for Whisper Announcement failures and counters to track the number of failed whisper events. For more information, see the Troubleshooting Unified CCE DocWiki.

Component failure and Whisper Announcement

Failover of ICME and CTI OS server

In a duplexed deployment, when a router, logger, peripheral gateway, or CTI OS Server fails over, Whisper Announcement is unaffected; Whispers play normally with no interruption. Note that when fail over occurs, reporting data on Whisper Announcements playing at that time may be inconsistent. For example, whisper time may be counted as talk time (instead of ring time, as normal).

Failure to access CVP media server

If the connection to the CVP media server fails, or if a requested whisper audio file cannot be found, the call proceeds normally without Whisper Announcement.

Whisper Announcement in Agent Desktop Software

No configuration is needed to integrate Whisper Announcement with agent desktop software. While a whisper is playing, software on the agent desktop shows the call in the Ring state. Desk phones show the call in the Talking state.

Using Agent Greeting with Whisper Announcement

You can use Agent Greeting along with the Whisper Announcement feature. Consider the following when you use them together:

  • On the call, the Whisper Announcement always plays first before the greeting.
  • To shorten your call-handling time, you may want to use shorter whispers and greetings than you might if you were using either feature by itself. A long whisper followed by a long greeting means a long wait before an agent handles a call.
  • Usually, agents that use Whisper Announcement handle different types of calls: for example, "English, Gold Member, Activate Card, Spanish, Gold Member, Report Lost Card, English, Platinum Member, Account Inquiry." Ensure the greetings your agents record are generic enough to cover the range of customer calls they handle.