Agent Greeting and Whisper Announcement Feature Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Release 9.0(1)
Whisper Announcement capabilities
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Whisper Announcement capabilities

Whisper Announcement capabilities

Whisper Announcement plays a brief, prerecorded message to an agent just before the agent connects with each caller. The announcement plays only to the agent; the caller hears ringing (based on existing ring tone patterns) while the announcement plays.

The content of the announcement can contain information about the caller that helps prepare the agent to handle the call. The information can include caller language preference, choices the caller made from a menu (Sales, Service), customer status (Platinum, Gold, Regular), and so on.

After Whisper Announcement is enabled, the played announcements are specified in the call routing scripts. The determination of which announcement to play is controlled in the script and is based on various inputs, such as the dialed number, a customer ID look up in your customer database, or selections you made from a VRU menu.

System requirements and functional limitations

To use Whisper Announcement, your system must meet these baseline requirements.

Software requirements

These software pieces must be in place to deploy Whisper Announcement.



Software versions

To use Whisper Announcement, your Unified CCE deployment must be running:

  • Unified CCE, Release 8.5(1) or later (Mobile Agent requires Unified CCE, Release 8.5(2) or later)
  • Unified CVP, Release 8.5(1) or later
  • Unified CTI OS, Release 8.5(1) or later
  • Unified CM, Release 8.5(1) SU2 or later
  • Unified CCX (IP IVR), Release 8.5(1) SU1 + ciscouccx.851SU1agentwhisper.cop.sgn

Deployment models

In Enterprise deployments of Unified CCE, Whisper Announcement is supported only with Unified CCE and Unified CVP. (Required for parent-child deployments only.)

Beginning with ICM/UCCE 8.5(2), in a parent-child deployment, Whisper Announcement is supported only in a Unified CCE system PG with IP-IVR on the child.

Whisper Announcement is not supported with hosted deployment models.

Agent types

Whisper Announcement is supported for inbound agents and blended outbound agents when they receive inbound calls.

Agent desktops

There is no direct integration between Whisper Announcement and agent desktop software; you can use Whisper Announcement alongside any Unified CCE-compatible agent desktop software.

Hardware requirements

These hardware pieces must be in place to deploy Whisper Announcement:




Whisper Announcement works with Unified CM supported IP phones. See the Unified CCE Compatibility Matrix for the list of supported phones.

CVP call control protocols

Whisper Announcement is supported with SIP as the CVP call control protocol. H.323 is not supported.

Configuration requirements

To deploy Whisper Announcement, the following configuration pieces must be in place.



Unified CCE

Whisper Announcement is supported with Type 10 Network VRUs only. (Type 10 is required to allow CVP to control the call). If your current Unified CCE deployment is not configured for a Type 10 VRU, you must modify it accordingly.

Whisper Announcement does not require Extended Call Context (ECC) variables provided that you:

  • Retrieve your files from the CVP default media Whisper Announcement Sample Scripts
  • Store your files in the media server default locale and application directories ("<web_server_root>\en-us\app").However, if you store your files in a location other than these defaults, you must use one or more of the following ECC variables in your scripts. To make these variables available, verify that they are defined in the Unified CCE Configuration Manager tool.
    • user.microapp.media_server: Use to identify the CVP media server if it is other than the default.
    • user.microapp.locale: Use to specify the name of the locale directory on the media server if it is other than the default ("en-us").
    • user.microapp.app_media_lib: Use to specify the name/path of the application directory on the media server if it is other than the default ("app"). See the Configuration and Administration Guide for Unified CVP for instructions on defining ECC variables for CVP.

Unified CVP

Deploy the files for the CVP gateways and complete configuration. You can deploy gateway templates from the CVP Management Console to the gateways.

Configure the CVP SIP subsystem, and configure the dial plan on the SIP Proxy or with the local static route configuration. This includes the routing for the dialed number used with whisper service calls

Unified CCX


This is for Parent/Child deployments only. Whisper Announcement for Parent/Child is only supported for a very specific Parent/Child configuration. Whisper Announcement in Parent/Child configurations must be approved by the Cisco Assessment to Quality (A2Q) process and require Cisco Design Mentoring Service to assure that the deployment model is designed and sized correctly to support the Whisper Announcement feature.

Configure IP-IVR on the child. Call queuing is completed on the child. For more information, see Whisper Announcement in a parent-child deployment


To deploy Whisper Announcement in a Parent/Child deployment, Unified CCX (IP IVR) is required on the child. Calls are queued on the child.

Functional Limitations

Whisper Announcement is subject to these limitations:

  • Whisper Announcement is not supported with outbound calls made by an agent. The announcement plays for inbound calls only.
  • For Whisper Announcement to work with agent-to-agent calls, use the SendToVRU or TranslationRouteToVRU node before you send the call to the agent. The transferred call must be sent to Unified CVP before it is sent to another agent, so that Unified CVP can control the call and play the Whisper Announcement, regardless of which node is used to send the call to Unified CVP.
  • Whisper Announcements do not play when the router selects the agent via a label node.
  • Whisper Announcement is not supported with SIP Refer Transfers.
  • Silent Monitoring (CTI OS and Unified CM-based) is supported with Whisper Announcement with this exception: For Unified CM-based Silent Monitoring, supervisors cannot hear the announcements themselves. The Silent Monitor button on the supervisor desktop is dimmed while an announcement is playing.
  • Only one Whisper Announcement can play for each call. While a Whisper Announcement is playing, you cannot put the call on hold, transfer, conference, or release the call, or request supervisor assistance. These features become available again after the whisper is complete.