Agent Greeting and Whisper Announcement Feature Guide for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Release 9.0(1)
Using Agent Greeting with Your CTI OS Agent or Supervisor Desktop
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Using Agent Greeting with Your CTI OS Agent or Supervisor Desktop

Using Agent Greeting with Your CTI OS Agent or Supervisor Desktop

Record a Greeting

Recording an Agent Greeting is very similar to recording a personal message for your voice mail. To record a greeting, you must be logged in to your desktop software and in the Not Ready state. To record a greeting:

    Step 1   Click the Agent Greeting Record button on your desktop.
    Step 2   You may hear a brief ring tone, after which you receive voice instructions for recording a greeting. Options may include selecting a greeting type (if your contact center uses more than one greeting per agent), recording, playing back, and confirming whether to use the new greeting. There is also an option for listening to your existing greetings.
    Step 3   After you connect to the Record Greeting service, a dialog box containing a dial pad appears on your agent desktop. You can use the dial pad or the keypad on your phone to make your selections. (If you close the dialog box before you finish recording your greeting, you cannot re-open it; use the keypad on your hard phone to complete your recording.)
    Step 4   To exit without recording a greeting, release the call.

    The number of greetings that you need to record is determined by your contact center. It may vary depending on things like your skill group or Precision Queue membership or the time of day or day of the week. Your contact center also determines how long your greeting can be. When you are recording, if you reach the maximum recording time, you receive a notification.

    Delete Greeting

    You cannot delete an agent greeting. However, you can record over previously recorded greetings. When you record over a greeting, the new greeting is used for the next customer call you take.

    Review Greetings

    To listen to your current greetings, click the Agent Greeting Record button on your desktop and select a greeting.

    Enable or Disable Greeting Play

    Your CTI desktop toolbar includes a Greeting button that you can use to turn the Agent Greeting feature on or off. There are various reasons you might want to turn off your greeting. You might want to turn off your greeting on a day when you have a cold and you are concerned that your voice does not sound like your recorded message. Or you might want to turn off a greeting that was appropriate yesterday but is not today, until you have time to go Not Ready and record a new one. Turning off Agent Greeting does not affect a greeting that is already playing to a caller.

    Turning off Agent Greeting stops your greetings from playing until you manually turn it back on again, or until the next time you log in to the desktop; Agent Greeting is always automatically turned on at login.

    To turn Agent Greeting off, with Greeting enabled, click the Greeting button.

    To turn Agent Greeting back on, click the Greeting button again.

    Agent Greeting with the Outbound Agent Desktop

    Agent greetings play to inbound callers only; they do not play when you make an outbound call. If you are an outbound-only agent, you can still record greetings but they do not play, even when Agent Greeting play is turned on in your desktop toolbar.

    Agent Greeting During Transfers and Conferences

    When you blind transfer a call to another agent, your customer hears the other agent's greeting (assuming that agent has greeting enabled). Similarly, when you conference in another agent, all parties on the call hear the other agent's greeting.

    Consultative transfers work a little differently. When you place a consultative transfer, your customer does not normally hear the other agent's greeting, unless you transfer the customer while the other agent's greeting is still playing.

    Agent desktop closes

    If, while you are logged in, your CTI OS Agent Desktop software closes for any reason, when you relaunch it your Agent Greeting state is set to Enabled.